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State of Decay is one of my all-time favorite zombie games. As a PlayStation girl, it is the only Xbox 360 game I own and is the reason I just had to purchase the console. So, when that beautiful moment occurred at E3 2016 as the State of Decay 2 trailer played, I was ecstatic. Take a look!


This game looks amazing. It's as though the developers read my mind and made all the alterations I had wished for! So what does it offer?

Cooperative multiplayer

The good news for fans like me is that this is not an MMO. It is described by developers as a "drop-in/drop-out cooperative" game. You can work together in parties of up to four people. The game is not online only, so you can still sit back at home and enjoy the game offline as you did in the first game.

The ability to ask for help

One of the problems with the first game was accidentally getting overrun by zombies and getting your favorite character killed off. State of Decay 2 now allows you to signal for help by using a flare. This will alert any others playing that you need assistance, and (hopefully) they will run to your aid before you get devoured.

Scavenging and building bases

By far the highlight for me in State of Decay was being able to search for and accumulate supplies. I can't be the only one who secretly hopes for the apocalypse so that I can get the opportunity to loot and hoard — the desire in me is so strong that I actively yell at the TV when watching shows like The Walking Dead and see supplies the characters are just ignoring! The trailer hints that this will very much continue to be an important part of the gameplay in the sequel.

Are you excited about 'State of Decay 2'? My bank account certainly is not, as I now definitely need to invest in an Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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