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We had many great announcements this year at E3 and one of the most talked about games was Resident Evil 7. The Sony announcement came with many new game demos and the new Resident Evil game was one of them. I was really excited to hear that the new game in the series would be a lot more like the older games. The series has become more of an action-adventure, compared to the survival horror genre it started with the first couple installments. There was a lot of talk, however, once the trailer came out and most of it was positive but some of it was more confusion than anything.

The trailer felt way different from what the last two installments of the series were but still was far off from what fans expected. There were many people comparing the game to a P.T. wannabee. It, of course, started a heated debate between many fans as to what the franchise should have done with others praising the new direction. It seems now that neither of the fans got it right and we are actually getting something else entirely come the game's release.

It's really something special that would bring out so much passion with people and it's no surprise Resident Evil would do that. The franchise has been a strong one in the video game industry for the past 20 years and continues to dominate. This clearly shows why some gamers could get upset with some slight modifications to the games. It looks like they might not have to worry about this as Capcom has listened and here's what they had to say about the people that are worried.

Puzzle solving, resource management, and combat” are all “coming down the line,” They’re all in there, but we’re focusing on horror has come home as a kind of theme for the teaser demo. So if you thought the games were going away from horror in previous years, this is just a statement of intent, purpose, to say it’s back

We also have learned that the teaser will not have any part in the full game during a stream from Capcom. It seems that Capcom is basically saying the game will still feel much like older Resident Evil games than anything else. The director for the game Koushi Nakanishi also had something to say about the feel of the game.

If anyone out there has a bloodlust for holding a gun, check out Umbrella Corps,We are separating these aspects out into different titles where that gameplay can come to the fore, and makes the most sense for that title. [Resident Evil 7] is not going to be a gun fest

It looks like if you were worried that Resident Evil 7 would be nothing like the old ones than you had nothing to worry about. The game is set to bring back the horror we all love but also the other elements. The game will truly be an action filled claustrophobic survival horror game, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Nakanishi also had something to add that might excite you even more about the game itself.

I can confirm herbs.

Yes, I know, 2017 cannot come any sooner.....

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on January 24, 2017


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