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There are two types of people in the world right now: Either you're a Donald Trump hater or a Donald Trump enthusiast. There's no real in-between and usually we are pretty passionate about either side we support. Either way, this game is perfect for both lovers and haters! (Government watch list, here I come!)

For all of the dumba– I mean, Trump lovers out there

This is the only time in history you get to become one with your king! There may be a wall going up between the US and Mexico, but you can break through your emotional walls together! Touch all of his insides (Oh my!), rub his face, stroke his luscious hair, put a steak on his face, give him his Trump Tower to wake up to when he's feeling better, or even give him a brand-new heart! Trust me, he's going to need one. Just watch out for those medical bills stacking up (which. don't worry, Trump has the money to take care of it!)

For all of the smart– I mean, Trump haters Out there

The time is nigh to rise against tyranny and send this man to the depths! You can go ahead and open up his rib cage, rip his heart out like an old kung-fu movie, use a saw blade to cut through his bones, fill his entire body with vodka, or take care of any other violent fantasies you have in mind. No need to worry! You are probably on the FBI watch-list for even reading this, but you don't care, right?! Hack him away and let the stress level go with it! Oh, and word to the wise: this is a game. Please don't take your violent fantasies anywhere else!

If you are like me, you are going to play the game like you are supposed to and try to save his life (even if we really don't want to) because it's ethical and we don't have the time to waste stabbing and slashing him to bits! (Well, maybe we do for just a little while...)

Anyways, the game Surgeon Simulator itself is quite fun if you play it correctly. Don't just play it to stab the hell out of Trump, please, and just give it a chance! Thanks!



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