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With all the coverage going on for the games at E3, it's easy to forget about the games we already have right in front of us; especially those that are easily accessible with a free to play feature.

Path of Exile is a widely popular free to play ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) available on steam. Highly based on it's ARPG predecessors, namely the very widely known Diablo 2, Path of Exile plays similarly to all games in the respective genre: Pick skills, smash monsters, find awesome loot. Recently, however, Path of Exile has added a mass of new content with both the Ascendancy Expansion and the new Prophecy League.

In the Prophecy League, players receive an entirely fresh start, which helps greatly for new players that are trying to catch up. The league lasts a total of three months and officially started less than two weeks ago.

The key feature of this league is that players receive silver coins from monsters which they can exchange for "prophecies," which are small quests players are "destined" to fulfill, receiving various rewards if they are able to complete their assigned task.

For those unfamiliar with the game, players start as one of seven different classes, each with their own starting places on the passive skill tree and a choice of three different ascendancy options (or one option for the Scion).

The passive skill tree itself is impossible to screenshot in just one picture. Players are assigned one skill point per level up, and can receive skill points from completing in game quests as well. To top it all off, players receive up to 8 additional skill points for the Ascendancy class of their choice.

While this highly complex skill system may seem intimidating to new players, once broken down, it is actually much simpler than it initially seems, while still allowing for a plethora of different build options tailored to nearly every individual player.

The Path of Exile Builds Reddit offers a lot of assistance to both new players and those already well established in the game. To find general advice or tips on the game, the default Path of Exile Reddit is a good place to go.

In general, the best advice I can give as a player who has stuck with the game since the beta with 1,500 hours total steam time is to build mostly into defense rather than offense in the earlier levels of the game. I would recommend going a "life" build rather than "energy shield" for those who are new to the game. It is best to have a minimum of 150% life or 200% energy shield, depending on your respective build. I personally use EmmittJ's PoESkillTree planner for planning my builds.

To play Path of Exile, download Steam (if you haven't already) and then search the store for the game.

For more tips and information, visit Path of Exile's website or the Path of Exile Wiki here.

Happy playing and good luck, future Exiles!


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