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There are plenty of scary video games out there, but not all of them would necessarily make for scary movies. Some, however, would be absolutely terrifying. Below are my top five games that would make perfectly scary movies.

5. 'Manhunt'

James Earl Cash, a death row prisoner, was recently execute by lethal injection. At least, that's what the public saw. The truth is that Cash was only given a sedative and has much more to accomplish than just dying on death row. "The Director" promises Cash his freedom, but only if Cash does something for him: He must murder his way through a section of the city controlled by a nasty gang called "The Hoods."

Manhunt as a movie would be like The Purge — but on steroids, if that's even possible. Some of the scenes in the game even pushed the limit of a Mature rating. I can easily see Rob Zombie taking the helm of the big-screen adaption and making us all squirm in shock.

4. 'Dead Space'

Set in the year 2508, the story begins when a spaceship sends out a distress signal to the CEC, the corporation funding the mining operation that the spaceship crew is conducting. The CEC dispatches the USG Kellion to investigate the signal. As the crew explores what appears to be an abandoned ship, they are attacked by dreadful creatures, leaving systems engineer Isaac to keep them alive until they area rescued.

A Dead Space movie would be like a combination of Resident Evil, Doom, and House of the Dead. So, basically, the movie would be balls to the walls awesome.

3. 'Until Dawn'

Until Dawn follows a group of friends in a “cabin in the woods” scenario. They are trapped on a secluded mountain, attempting to outsmart a killer that is after each and every one of them. The “butterfly effect” is in full force in this scenario, with every decision and every action having an unexpected consequence.

Even the thought of an Until Dawn movie gives me the chills. I imagine the atmosphere being straight from The Thing but with a group of teens on a mountain instead of scientists in the Antarctic.

2. 'Resident Evil 4'

In RE4, we find Leon Kennedy on a mission in Spain to rescue the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, who has been kidnapped by a cult. During his investigation Kennedy discovers that this is much more than a cult…and is faced with long-time friend (and foe) Albert Wesker.

Obviously there have been MANY insane Resident Evil movies; however, none of them has really taken on the storyline of Resident Evil 4. It would be so awesome to see filmmakers take the story to this desolate, possessed town full of horrors.

1. 'Alien: Isolation'

Alien: Isolation takes place 15 years after the events of the Nostromo. Throughout the game we, follow Amanda Ripley, daughter of our series heroine Ellen Ripley, in the search for the truth about what happened to her mother. Echoing the situation her mother was put in, Amanda is forced to fight through a lone Alien — the perfect killing machine — with limited supplies and her mother’s survival skills.

This game is one that I honestly struggled to finish playing. I couldn't get through even one scene without screaming and throwing my PS4 controller across the room. In fact, I had to replace two of them because they broke! This would be the ultimate video game adaption. Not only would it be scary as hell, it would star the only viable replacement to the one and only Ellen Ripley — her daughter.


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