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Alright guys, so we took a lengthy hiatus but we decided to make a triumphant return with a discussion about E3. We'll touch upon some of the big reveals and MASSIVE disappointments so let's get into it.


Microsoft took the stage with a pretty decent lineup of exclusives including a new Gears of War, Deadrising 4 and the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda. I've never been the biggest Gears fan, but I will admit to co-oping the shit out of am entire Gears game with a buddy in one night, so I could take that or leave it,same with Deadrising 4.

However I do believe the Mass Effect trilogy is some of the finest work I've ever had the pleasure of playing. A true emotional experience, so I was obviously thrilled to see Andromeda in Microsoft's lineup. Unfortunately it was all too brief. They were just giving us a taste before EA Play where they will reveal more information. They also delved deeper into the future of crossplay.

Norman Reedus - Diabetus
Norman Reedus - Diabetus


So later on the same evening Sony came in and blew the fucking roof off the joint with an incredible yet in the end disappointing lineup.

They opened with revealing a new addition to the God of War franchise. The story jumps in time to the Viking age. No doubt the Norse gods will have their hands full with the Ghost of Sparta. We also got looks at Resident Evil 7 and the new Days Gone (hooray more zombies). The biggest bombshell of the night was Hideo Kojima's reveal of Death Standing. Watch the baffling yet awful trailer starring Norman Reedus and Norman Fetus


So let's talk about the biggest disappointment/missed opportunity of the entire event, no Red Dead sequel reveal. After all the leaks many, myself included, were almost certain the game would be shown. Take-Two interactive, Rockstar's parent company, even said "We'll be at E3 in a big way." Filthy filthy lies.

This led many to further believe that they would show off the game, but alas, nothing happened. Sony and Microsoft came and went without a peep, not just about Red Dead but not a peep from Take-Two at all. They said they would be there in a big way and ended up barely being there at all.

A rumor surfaced that the trailer was meant to be shown at the end of Sony's conference but due to the violence in Orlando it was pulled at the last second, replaced with Days Gone gameplay footage. This however was dispelled by a Sony representative.

Now we still have a few other events such as Gamescom, but unfortunately hope of a Red Dead reveal was yanked from fans of the franchise the moment E3 came to a close. Despite Rockstar making brilliant games they are notoriously cagey about games, almost to the point of being dicks to their fans.

There has been no word on whether or not we'll hear anything, so nice job Take-Two and Rockstar, you've managed to piss off fans who have already been waiting 6 long years. I am one of those fans. Suck my balls, guys.

I created this meme of the CEO of Take Two Entertainment Srauss Zelnick (we can call him Piss Boy though) to illustrate my... feelings... about being so terribly betrayed, again.

This is the CEO of Take Two Entertainment. fuck him
This is the CEO of Take Two Entertainment. fuck him

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