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It's no secret that Marvel is dominating the superhero film genre. What started in 2008 with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk has since grown into a large and unstoppable cinematic universe. The MCU is currently in its third phase, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!

But believe it or not, there used to be a time where Marvel wasn't known for its epic movies, and was instead known for a different kind of visual media (aside from comics obviously). Yes, besides comics obviously, Marvel had its hands pretty deep in the world of gaming, especially during the arcade era.

From the iconic X-Men arcade game, to Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel used to be the king of superhero video games! Recently however, Marvel hasn't really been participating in the gaming department that much, most likely because of their focus on movies.

It's not all bad though, as Marvel's slacking in the game department has allowed competitors like DC to swoop in and give us some incredible games, such as Injustice: Gods Among Us and it's anticipated sequel.

But for those of us who missed controlling our favorite Marvel heroes, we won't have to worry for much longer to experience that joy once more, thanks to a surprising reveal at E3. During Sony's press conference this year, they revealed that they are working on a game with Insominiac Games and Marvel, starring Spider-Man.

From the Spider-Man PS4 game trailer
From the Spider-Man PS4 game trailer

That's right, everyone's favorite wall-crawler is coming back to the gaming world in the form of a PlayStation 4 exclusive! Not much is known about the game right now, but one can only speculate on the potential of it.

Talking to Polygon, Marvel's VP of video games Jay Ong hinted that Marvel has big plans for future games beyond . He also mentioned that Marvel is choosing the best developers to make their games, and that those developers won't have to worry about stressful movie release windows.

Now that Marvel is finally getting as serious with their games as they have been with their movies, what games can we expect to see from the company? Well, it's impossible to say for sure, but for the sake of speculation, here are five games I'd love to see Marvel work on!

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy (In The Style Of Borderlands)

Gearbox Software may be focusing on tackling the MOBA world with Battleborn now, but they'll always be known for their insanely fun first-person shooter, Borderlands.

The Borderlands franchise took the gaming world by storm with its visually stunning "steam punk cel-shaded" art style, its fun gameplay, and its outrageous humor. Do you know what else has 1/3 of those things? Guardians of the Galaxy!

Applying this tight gameplay and beautiful graphic style to a GotG game would be amazing! Jay Ong mentioned that Marvel was looking for the best developers to make their games, and you can't go wrong with Gearbox—especially when it comes to games involving a strange band of intergalactic space heroes!

2. Ant-Man (As A Strategic Puzzle Game)

(Thanks to Sam Axon for giving me this idea!)

Ant-Man is the perfect candidate for a Marvel video game. His small stature makes his enemies underestimate him, a mistake they quickly pay for when he comes packing a powerful punch! Not to mention, Scott Lang's first venture on the big screen was unexpectedly hilarious and refreshingly original, something that could be replicated in his first starring game as well!

But a game starring Ant-Man should be more than just your typical action game. Ant-Man should have his own puzzle game! Not in the "jigsaw" sense of the word, but rather, Ant-Man should have to do more than punch his way out of levels. Players would have to utilize all of his abilities, determining when its the right time to grow big or small, and use his ants to aid him in completing missions. It would provide players with a serious challenge, and encourage the developers to come up with some tough puzzles to solve!

3. Kamala Khan (A Classic Beat Em-Up)

(Thanks to Jay Ricciardi for giving me this idea!)

There's nothing wrong with just a good, old-fashioned brawler game. The "Beat Em-Up" is a favored genre among many gamers for a reason, after all. Everyone loves to take on an onslaught of nameless enemies and face off against big bosses, using nothing but their bare hands and their variety of skills and powers!

Kamala Khan, a.k.a Ms. Marvel, would be perfect for this kind of game. Of all the new additions to the Marvel Universe, Kamala has arguably become a fan-favorite the quickest, with many loving to read the adventures of the new Ms. Marvel. With her insane popularity, and her awesome collection of powers (which include shape-shifting and stretching her limbs), Kamala Khan is the perfect candidate for a Marvel brawler!

4. Marvel Universe Online (An MMO)

From DC Universe Online
From DC Universe Online

I know, I know, we already have a massively multiplayer online Marvel game in the form of Marvel Heroes. But MH only allows you to play as already established Marvel heroes.

I've always wanted a Marvel game similar to DC Universe Online. In DCUO, you can actually create your own heroes and give them a variety of powers, abilities, and costumes based on those of DC heroes. I'd love a game just like that, set in the Marvel universe.

Just imagine giving your hero abilities similar to those of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Thor, and more! Then assigning your favorite Marvel superhero as your mentor, who throughout the game will give you missions and gear to give your character! Marvel Heroes is fun and all, but a Marvel Universe Online game would be incredible!

5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (An Action RPG)

Who doesn't remember the amazing Action RPG series that was Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Ultimate Alliance and its sequel allowed players to take control of their favorite Marvel heroes (and a few villains) and participate in some of Marvel's biggest events, such as Civil War! You could even invite three more friends to join the alliance!

With news that the original two games may be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, we may finally be getting an Ultimate Alliance 3 sometime in then near future! Just think of all the amazing Marvel events that a potential MUA 3 could adapt! Just imagine going through Secret Wars as your favorite character, or picking sides in Civil War II! The possibilities are endless!

With Marvel re-venturing into the gaming world, I'm really excited to see what they have in store for us. If their video games are as good as their movies, I'm sure we'll be getting some epic games in the future!

Thanks For Reading! What Games Do You Want To See From Marvel?


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