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Friends, you need to see this. Seriously, friends, I love this so much.

Dat face tho.

We're looking at the boss of Nintendo of America here, Reggie Fils-Aime. This guy is a really cheery fellow; he has to be, he's the head of Nintendo for Christ sake! But this solitary moment saw the Cheap Ass Gamer owner CheapyD capture the boss taking in Microsoft's latest release, the Xbox One S.

Just look at all the layers of brilliance: The "Best Hardware" award slapped onto the side of the case, the Microsoft employees cheerfully promoting the console on the right, while this chasm in the middle of the image sees Reggie staring at the Xbox One S like he's about to break the case.

This is probably just his resting face, or perhaps he was in between expressions, but the gaming community (ourselves included) has decided that this is the moment where Reggie became a Bond villain. "Yeah, I guess that's better than the Wii U. But just you wait, Microsoft. My NX is more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Mwaha. Mwahaha. MWAHAHAHAHA!"

Here are some the beautiful ways fans responded to the Tweet:

And my personal favorite:

Got any memes that perfectly summarize this image?


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