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If you aren't already aware Affected: The Manor is a first-person survival horror game by Fallen Planet Studios. The game takes place in a big scary mansion, and you must make your way through the endless corridors in order to escape.


The game has two control options; the touch pad on the headset or a wireless Bluetooth controller. I played using the touch pad and it worked really well. While forward movement is controlled with the touch pad, directional movement occurs through the physical location of your head - so you end up moving around a lot. This mechanic works great as it gets you really immersed in the game, and a lot of our friends commented on how they didn't get as motion sick as they did in games like Dreadhalls.


This game looks great. I have played every VR Horror game I can get my hands on, and Affected: The Manor looks the best by far. The game runs incredibly smoothly, and at no point during gameplay do you loose immersion as everything looks so fricken real!


The game is so much fun. When the game begins you are informed not to take too much time, as bad things will happen. So, as you work your way around the mansion looking at everything and exploring, your stomach fills with dread as you wonder if you are taking too much time. The game builds suspense effectively using of sound effects, music and lighting. Like most horror games there are some jump scares, but they are extremely well done.

All in all, I loved this game and it is hands-down one of the best horror games available for Gear VR, while it is still not as scary as Dead Secret, it was just as enjoyable to play.


Check out the video below for a full review, as well as a compilation of reactions of people playing through the game.

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