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Heroes Never Die!! Wake up guys time to attack the point!

We're back this week reporting on Overwatch news. We recently launched The Overwatch Report, and the response from the player base has been amazing! In our most recent episode we talked about the new PC patch,its new ranking in Korean PC Bang listings, and League of Titans. (Chinese Overwatch Clone)

McCree and Widowmaker Nerfs Ahoy!

The nerf is here, the nerf is here! (on PC that is) This week a patch went through to effectively stop McCree from being a tank busting menace and stop Widowmaker from making you cry via non-stop headshots.

Best feeling ever! Unless your Phara of course...
Best feeling ever! Unless your Phara of course...

If you'd like to get the specifics check out the official patch notes courtesy of Blizzard. Breaking it down, McCree's Fan the Hammer ability took a hit to the damage he deals, but his time between the end of the attack and ability to reload has been decreased from .75 seconds to .3 seconds. So as the nerf hand giveth, it also taketh away.

Widowmaker has also been effected by the slap of the mighty nerf hammer. Widows Kiss (her rifle) now does less damage on body shots, but now fully charged headshots do 2.5X damage instead of the original 2X damage. Additionally she can no longer zoom in the middle of leaving her scoped animation, meaning a few milliseconds are added in between her shots. Last but not least her ultimate now requires 10% more energy to be fully charged. What does all this mean, you ask? It means people who make the game impossible won't be able to ruin your day as much.

Still no word on D.VA getting a nice little buff to make her a more competitive choice, but as soon as we get word, we'll let you guys know!

But let's be honest scoring an ultimate kill with D.VA can make you feel like a Greek god.

New content is coming... Eventually.

We also learned via a post from Game Director Jeff Kaplan on the Overwatch forum, that new content is on the way, but some of it seems further than others.

Maybe the new characters they're working on?
Maybe the new characters they're working on?

Here are the biggest news items we covered:

  • New characters are being worked on, but he was unwilling to announce anything, to avoid breaking a promise he wasn't sure he could make.
  • There is a new map in the production pipeline that is going through some final testing to make sure all the details are in place.
  • Several other new maps are being worked on, but they require a lot of testing, to make sure a map doesn't make playing as some characters useless. e.g. Maps developed for long range characters could make characters like Reaper impossible to play.
  • They are developing Competitive play and say that through testing they have decided that they are still figuring out the direction it needs to go in and anticipate it will take a few seasons of play to get it where they want it to be.

Blizzard is known for keeping the content coming and supporting their games well post launch, but it is especially nice to see the way the developers are responding to the communities questions.

Legend of Titans; One of the laziest clones you have ever seen.

You can't hear it, but she's beatboxing hella hard.
You can't hear it, but she's beatboxing hella hard.

Multiple reports have appeared that a Chinese developer made a tech demo for a industrial trade show to display the fact that the could make a game that was on par with more mainstream titles that could run in browsers and on mobile phones. You can plainly see from one screenshot that the developers were taking some pretty heavy inspiration from Tracer on this one.

If that wasn't damning enough check the image and video below:

I mean at least re-skin Bastion or something...
I mean at least re-skin Bastion or something...

In defense of the company, they have said that they were not planning to release the game, but instead display their technical prowess. It seems like a lot of work went into making the game this close to a well known and loved property, so I am not sure if I personally buy that, but make of it what you will.

Got an epic Play of the Game you want to share?

Hey guys! Have an epic team wipe as Mei? A hilarious fail as you slashed your Genji off a cliff? You saving your entire team and turning the match as Mercy? Send us your favorite play of the game or video you have because we wanna share it with our dope audience! Send them to our Facebook page and you could see your epic play on the show!

That's all for this week folks!! If you haven't seen The Overwatch Report, make sure to tune in LIVE on our Facebook Page Thursdays at 5:00 PDT.


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