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Yes, the days of having to go through finding many ways to play all our favorite classic Gameboy games are gone. I know that you could very well go out and buy a Gameboy or just use an emulator but why to carry and extra device or use pesky touch screen controls. You will now be able to have to only use your smartphone and a special case with physical buttons to play your favorite games. The future is here ladies and gentlemen and it looks bright!

This discovery was made by Neowin and it just might be one the greatest things to come from E3 this year. The case is developed by the folks at Hyperkin and was originally part of an April Fools joke last year. It seems that fantasy has now met reality however with the case in question appearing at E3 this year. The case was not only present but it was also functional to the attendees. The case will allow players to use old Gameboy cartridges to get all those nostalgia feelings. It will also carry the same color scheme the original Gameboy had so yeah it's definitely going to feel like the original.

It's still without an official release date but it looks like they're are targeting toward December just in time for the holidays. Although it was originally meant to be compatible with both Android and IOS it seems that might not be the case anytime soon. The only model shown on the floor was a Samsung and it was also announced by Hyperkin that it would be for Android. I wouldn't get scared just yet if you're and Apple user as I'm sure a product like this should make it into the hands of IOS users sooner or later.


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