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That's right people! Sony's most angry character has made a real big impact on E3 this year! Kratos emerges from the shadows, revealing he has returned and he has grown one hell of a beard as well. The son of Zeus seems to have had quite the interesting years after his apparent 'death' on Olympus. Kratos seems to have survived his self-impalement and has taken a new life that surely no longer revolved around revenge and chaos. While some find this a little harder to believe despite the monsters, Kratos has come to a much more peaceful life. Why are you here though? Why are we even reading this? Well there's a reason.......Kratos seemingly has a son and at E3, we have experienced a father-son bond that was developing within the sequence, but there is also something else that we seem to be hearing quite a bit......Kratos is the worst father, is a bad father for this boy, or is just plain bad at parenting in general, but I'm here to show what people have seen does not mean he's been a bad parent and there's three reasons why he seems to be such a rough, tough, parent that takes no nonsense whatsoever, but is still not a bad father.

Reason #1: The Time Period

If the rumors are true, Kratos has now shifted from an era of Greek Mythology all the way to Norse Mythology, which means that now there will be a time of Vikings, dragons, trolls, etc. In this time period just like Spartan history, a fair amount of children were raised as warriors at a very young age, most were even taught how to hunt, much like how Kratos is testing his son on what he's learned on hunting from his mother. The possibility that people are seeing him as a bad parent for this is probably because they are factoring in modern domestic approaches to raising a child to way back in the period A.D. from late 8th century to mid 11th century, right around the time of vikings.

Reason #2 Military Background

For God of War fans, they should know right off the bat that Kratos would have this kind of style of parenting from the perspective of having one that has served in the military. The same can be said about Kratos, being that he has indeed served in regards to the spartan army. Not only has he been part of Sparta's strong numbers of warriors, he was a general. The youngest general in Spartan history, leading his soldiers in many battles and bringing them out in victory, up until the great battle between the Spartans and the Barbarians. Kratos is a very headstrong and strict individual that is one for barking orders and commanding large quantities of warriors. From the very first battle to him becoming a God of War, Kratos tolerated no failures or no disobedience from anybody and he was supposed to be that way, for a general of one of the greatest warriors in history, he had to be taken seriously and feared, but also respected.

Reason #3 The Glory of Sparta

Self explantory to be honest, but let's talk about it. Kratos is a Spartan, born, raised, and trained everything in Spartan culture, history, and violence. Kratos at a young age was taught to be tough, to be brutal, to never back down. Kratos even at a young age was molded to be a dangerous individual just like a large portion of Spartan boys. That's not something to grow out of. Kratos would raise his sons the same way, with a powerful figure that tolerated no kind of weakness or vulnerability, but due to the fact that Kratos is older, living in a new time period, and is essentially trying to adjust to not being too strict, he refrains from treating his son like a soldier, but makes sure that he does not make too many mistakes and learns from the ones he's made.

All in all, Kratos is not a bad father, not even close to such a thing to be honest. Sure he is a tough parent, a strict father, and a very intimidating figure to his son, but that is the point of making sure he learns to be tough, be clever, and always know that one day he will be as strong as his father and all of his harsh teachings was to make him strong, make him survive, and most importantly......make sure that his son has a father to make him a man, unlike his own father. What'd you think? Were my reasons convincing? Do you have your rebuttal to my reasons?


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