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The close of Lionhead Studios was sad news for a lot of people. This is especially true for fans of the Fable series like myself. But the adventure isn't over, not quite yet. The good people from Lionhead have decided to make their own studio, Flaming Fowl, so that they can work on a passion project they've been mulling around. The game in question is Fable Fortune which is a Fable based card game.

Fable Fortune was the secret project that we, a small team of veterans, have been heading up from within Lionhead. Inspired by the popularity of Fable Pub Games, Mike West (our Creative Director) originally pitched a Fable CCG back on Fable II. 18 months ago, his passion for the concept finally paid off when he moved into the Franchise Team at Lionhead and we received the greenlight to start development on Fable Fortune. We have been working on it ever since.

Unfortunately, news broke out that Microsoft was closing Lionhead's doors which impacted a lot developers and would have curtailed the card game itself and any future Fable project. But they had their idea in hand and decided to approach Microsoft for the rights to produce the card game. Happily, Microsoft agreed and now they're off to the races with a Kickstarter campaign to get the project funded. As of this writing, they're at $86,364 of their $365,385 goal with ten days to go. That's a hefty sum to work towards. So why a Kickstarter instead of just finding investors to fund the project? With their credentials it wouldn't be a hard task to find people to back them. The team at Flaming Fowl thought of that, too, and they decided against it.

We think the game is great and we are sure we could find investors out there to help us complete Fortune, but we've decided to come to Kickstarter for one simple reason - we want to be fully independent. We want to develop games our way. We want to listen to our fans and react quickly to what they are saying. We want to make decisions based on the pride of our work, not because someone with a cheque book says so.

In short, they want to hold their fate in their own hands which is admirable. Still, raising that kind of money is a daunting task and they need our help to do it. So, if you're a fan of Fable and want to see more from this great team, then please pop over to their Kickstarter and show them some support. Every bit helps!


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