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Finding the right dating partner can be quite the challenge in life. We're all complicated individuals with tons of nuances, imperfections and desires. Dating can be tough, people, there's no denying it. But something has to be said for dating a gamer. Not sure you qualify? Check out our 23 Hilarious Signs You're a True Gamer.

If you yourself grapple with a controller, mouse or mind-boggling VR headset then you're already well aware of the tons of benefits. So, for the uninitiated:

Here's Why Dating A Gamer Is A.MAZ.ING.

1. They're Good With Their Hands

What's that? Your significant other can master an N64 controller, Xbox 360 controller and all the madness of PC gaming all in the same day?! Those are the kind of hands you want around things!

2. They're Low Maintenance

Looking for someone who's easily pleased? You can always count on your gamer to have a quiet night in with some takeaway food, pyjamas, movies and maybe even *gasp* some video games.

3. Gamers Are Expert Problem-Solvers

How many puzzles has the average gamer solved in their lifetime? Too many to count!!! You need these people on your team in life and Spider-Man is here to prove it.

4. They're Resourceful And Come Prepared

Need someone to help you in the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Make sure your gamer friend is around, they'll literally know every item you'll need for survival. They can also carry up to ten weapons in their backpack. Fact.

5. They’re Big Kids At Heart

We may age, we may wrinkle and we may eventually lose all control over the functionality of our knees, but we will always be kids at heart. Many gamers firmly plan to continue playing Crash Bandicoot well into their 80s.

6. They’re Tech Savvy

Even if it's only limited to working any kind of TV or monitor on the planet, gamers have come across many cables, connection ports, controllers and consoles or PC deaths that would boggle the mind of the average joe. They got you covered.

7. Gamers Can Stay Up All Night

All-nighters are not only common as game-lovers, they're necessary. How else can they come to grips with a game that launched at midnight?! With these people by your side, staying up until the sunrise is guaranteed fun.

8. It’s Easy To Get Them Gifts

Seriously. They've more than likely been telling you about the one game they cannot wait to play for months already.

9. Their Mistakes Make Them Stronger

A gamer would be able to work out why the catapult did this in no time. Right after they collected their teeth off the ground, of course.

10. They Love To Explore

Gamers have a tendency to explore every solitary inch of an area, regardless how enormous the game may be. That transfers over to the real world. Seriously, if they come across a real-life cave or some darkened wood, the sense of adventure just takes over!

11. They're Playful

Just like this playful devil here, gamers can literally be found making the exact same motions in their gaming chair...or in other parts of life ;)

12. Gamers Understand What Can & Cannot Be Interrupted

Did you just ask me to pause an online game?

If you've got something in your life that can never be interrupted, gamers will know that pain and be sure to respect it. They've been there. Believe them.

13. Their Gamer-Talk Can Be Awesome IRL

There are so many terms in games that can be beautifully transferrable to real-life situations. Like how "headshot" perfectly describes this image:

14. They're Great At Following Instructions

Gamers have been through so many tutorials. They've honestly been taught how to walk hundreds of times. This makes them super practical and will leave you feeling like Aziz, here.

15. They're Always Around

Gamers are super easy to find. They can generally be found in the vicinity of their hardware. They may be asleep though, but, you know, still there!

16. They Can Keep Going For Hours On End

17. They Learn From Their Mistakes

Gamers have died A LOT and they've had to learn from their mistakes. They've had to stare at loading screens struggling to understand why they met their demise and are thus great at picking apart why they've failed. But understand that sometimes they need to completely miss the gap in order to understand how wide it is.

18. They'll Agree To Anything During A Tough Boss Fight

"Hey do you mind cleaning the entire apartment tonight?"


19. They've Got Sweet Set-Ups

You can 100% count on a sweet couch or a damn nice chair. There might not be a dinner table, but my god will that gaming space be comfy.

20. Gamers Are Heroes

Think about it, how many worlds have they saved? With a little luck, they'll be there to save yours too.

Do you date a gamer?


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