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E3 2016 was full of ground breaking announcements from Microsoft’s new hardware to the unexpected return of many an old fan favourite IP. As astounding as all these listed events were, one of the most talked about event to come out of E3 this year was of course, the exultant return of video game legend, Hideo Kojima.

“I am back”, Hideo Kojima is set to release his first game ever after leaving Konami on the PlayStation. Sony have collaborated with Kojima Productions and gifted the gaming star almost unlimited freedom in regard to the creation of his new IP. This is certainly something that Kojima will appreciate as reports pertaining to his struggles at Konami will support.

Kojima blew audiences away with the unveiling of Kojima Production’s first ever gaming IP. Death Stranding is an all new game that promises to be one of the most anticipated games of the year. Revealed during Sony’s conference, Death Stranding was stereotypically Kojima. The reveal trailer was as cryptic as it was beautiful – a bizarre and enchanting depiction of a mysterious world.

The trailer had immediate buzz as fans all over the world set to work into trying to make sense of this brilliant trailer. The internet was alive with conjecture as people the world over tried to piece the mystery together – with little success. Fortunately, just yesterday, Hideo Kojima came out with a few new details in an attempt to help us make sense of that creepy trailer.

There are still many questions that need answering and he is again, stereotypically vague and elusive in his clues. We have captured and collated the entire sequence below; see if you can make any sense of what is going on.

Here's where it all starts to make a little more sense with more game and game mechanic details enter into the conversation.

A new genre for a new world of gaming, I love it. Kojima is truly exercising his new found freedom as he even extends his new IP the grandeur of not conforming to any particular genre. Maybe Kojima is working on building a totally new genre for Death Stranding to sit and if so then we can say with great certainty that this new game would indeed be revolutionary.

What have you figured out so far?

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