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Tyler Scott Sanchez

I think this goes without saying, but one of the most anticipated games of E3 2016 is easily The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The line for Nintendo's booth was absolutely crazy on all three days of the event (it even closed 90 seconds after opening on the final day of E3), but I was lucky enough to get a good look around the booth on Wednesday after a 2 hour wait.

Upon entering the booth, you find yourself inside "the shrine" (as the host called it). You literally feel like you've been transported into The Legend of Zelda. It was very Disneyland-ish, and the detail is absolutely Breath-(of the Wild)-taking! After everyone files into the shrine and takes their seat, the host plays a short trailer (it had some gameplay in it!). I think the absolute coolest part of the entire booth is that, after the trailer, the screen transforms into a hallway that leads into the actual booth. Now that is Disneyland-ish.

For a second, I was pretty mesmerized by the environment. There were trees and plants everywhere, making you feel like you were a wandering hero in the depths of the Faron Woods. Even the lighting brought in atmosphere as it changed from day to night and back. There was also a thunderstorm going on while I was playing the demo! Nintendo's booth design team paid extreme close attention to detail in creating this experience- kudos to them! Hands-down, this was the most thought-out and well-developed booth I've ever seen at E3 in my life.

Check out the full Breath of the Wild experience in this video I shot during my time at E3!


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