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The Civilization franchise has been the poster boy for the 4X Genre and their latest installment comes in with some very exciting new features.

First thing to note is that the game is running on a brand new graphic engine that is said to be more “modder friendly.” The game looks different compared to its previous title; more cartoonish than Civilization 5's grittier and more realistic graphics. The game also features a day and night cycle, where certain things will be harder to see at night.

Ed Beach, Lead Designer for Civilization 6, said that it was intentional. The new look is to ensure that it does not distract the players away from the deeper gameplay involved in the game.

Cities works differently in Civilization 6. Unlike the previous games, cities now are unstackable where buildings are now placed on individual tiles outside of the city. These new buildings are categorized under “Districts”. There will be different Districts available ranging from Science to Military Districts (12 in total), each contributing to your city in different ways.

These districts change gameplay in a huge way as your enemies are able to destroy them if they try to invade. They’ll also be able to harass your cities by using guerrilla tactics and destroying the district, thus hampering the city's capabilities. This will force players to play a more active role in defending from sieges as their upgrades are not stacked under the city tiles.

Unlike the cities, units are now stackable. Warriors are able to be paired with a settler, or anti-tank weapons to infantry units. However, not all units are stackable. Units that are similar or are symbiotic to each other are the ones able to.

Great Wonders are also fully animated now. You are able to see it being constructed as turns pass and is also considered as a separate tile. Before, Great Wonders were included in the main city and appeared as an additional building next to your city.

The technology tree gets a new system that helps players feel more involved and rewarded when researching. Called the Eureka System, players are able to boost up their research or even automatically obtain the technology by completing various in-game actions. Kinda like mini-quests or objectives that, when completed, help players get their desired technology faster.

Barbarians are said to be stronger in the game now. “Barbarians will send scouts and if they find your city, you know you’re in trouble,” Beach said. Barbarians will then attack you unless their encampment is destroyed.

Another new feature is that enemy AI leaders have “Agendas.” These agendas are linked to their real life counterpart in real life. Teddy Roosevelt, the leader of the USA, has a “Big Stick” agenda which means that the USA will have very strong military capabilities. However, it only kicks in when he feels threatened. Leaders are now picked based on how interesting their character was in real life. Another known AI Leader in the game is Cleopatra, representing the Egyptians.

The game is set to be released on 21 October 2016. Any Civilization fans out there excited for this game? I sure am.


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