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In the world of Minecraft, anything can happen. We’ve seen the impossible become an everyday reality within the world of Minecraft, from business owners opening working shops to the engineering of working computers — all within the Minecraft world.

It can be a fun and addictive universe to spend time in, alone or with friends you are never short of things to do. But how much of a Minecraft OG are you?

If you have done over a third of these 28 things, then you are a Minecraft OG and well, you may have played a little too much Minecraft.

Who am I kidding, you can never play too much 'Minecraft'! Take a look, how hardcore are you?

28. You can scare your friends by sneaking up behind them and hissing like a creeper that's about to explode.

27. You consider going from door to door asking people if they’ve heard about “the miracle of Minecraft.”

26. You believe all foods are best when cubed.

25. You have multiple Minecraft accounts (and play on them simultaneously).

24. You’ve eradicated all the monsters in the Nether (and built it up enough that they can’t spawn).

23. You’ve become a professional griefer.

22. You visit the Minecraft forums hourly.

21. You contribute trivia to the pages on Minepedia.

20. You can out-creep a creeper.

19. You make at least one comparison every day between the way things work in the real world and the way they work in Minecraft.

18. You don’t need to look on Minepedia to know the exact number of uses you can get from a given tool.

17. You arrange to meet friends for lunch… In Minecraft.

16. You arrange office supplies in groups of 64.

15. You’ve tried getting wood by punching the trees in your backyard.

14. When dusk falls, you imagine, "What if it were Minecraft?" scare yourself stupid, and run home.

13. Reality suddenly isn’t cubic enough.

12. When you yell “CREEPER!” all your friends duck or scatter.

11. You’ve spent whole days doing nothing but building things on Minecraft.

10. You check Notch’s blog daily just to see if there are any new updates.

9. You send suggestions to Notch… Daily.

8. You dream in pixels.

7. You leave the house genuinely angry that you haven’t found enough clay in your world to make a house (yet).

6. You scour gravel driveways for flint.

5. You’ve recreated famous monuments (and buildings) in Minecraft.

4. You feel safe as long as you have a door between you and something that wants to kill you.

3. You have a Minecraft-themed tattoo.

2. You go to gaming conventions… In Minecraft.

1. You write lists and articles about Minecraft.

So, who's guilty? Who considers themselves an OG of 'Minecraft'? Share more below!

Source: Levelskip, Minecraftforum


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