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Tim Horton

It is the remaster all GTA fans have been waiting for. GTA: San Andreas has long been considered as the best instalment to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It was gritty, immersive and totally revolutionary to the series.

GTA: San Andreas is not only considered as one of the best GTA games but is still, to this day recognised as one of the industry’s best open world adventure titles. This game blew us away back in 2004 and now it seems that it will blow us all away again.

Thanks to the talented efforts of YouTube based company Original Gr0ve Street ™ we can all now relive the opening sequence to San Andreas in GTA V. The project is not over yet, this is only the beginning. This talented bunch has managed to remaster GTA: San Andreas’ opening scenes within the world of GTA V.

How ya been Carl? He's back baby! Watch as Carl makes his way through Balla country. This brilliant video is just saturated in sweet nostalgia. Enjoy!

Until Rockstar decide to give us that official remake we all so desperately want, I guess it is up to us, the fans, to provide each other with the nostalgic nuggets of gaming gold we crave. Great job guys -- can’t wait to see more!

What GTA game do you want to see remastered?


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