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Minecraft is probably one of the most immersive games around. The absolute freedom allows players to express themselves in ways we never thought possible in a video game. With record numbers of players living alternate lives, creating cities, businesses, and even art within the world of Minecraft, it's not hard to see why so many people love this game.

Whether you are new to the game or a total Minecraft OG, this article will provide you with a few tricks that will revolutionize the way you play the game forever. Some of these nifty hints are so life changing you will wonder how you ever got by without them.

13. Torches create temporary air pockets in water.

If you find yourself stuck under the water and are in need of air fast, placing a torch will displace the water next to the torch and allow you to take a few life-saving breaths. (Make sure you are close to the torch!)

12. Lava will can fuel your furnace.

Just one lava bucket can fuel your furnace for 1,000 seconds and will also allow you to cook 1,000 items in the furnace.

11. Torches break stacks.

Okay, so this is apparently fairly well known, but it saves you so much time dismantling things. If you need to take a column down quickly, the best thing to do is to remove the bottom block and replace it with a torch. Once the torch is in place at the bottom, the rest of the column will come crashing down around it.

10. Pressure plates hold water and lava.

Pressure plates hold water and lava in beautiful cubes and do not allow any of the liquids to flow out of them.

9. Torches can also be building aids.

If you place a torch onto a wall, it can also act as a support. Use any wall-mounted torch as a support for a new wall. It will not break, trust me.

This includes building off of torches. If you are short on blocks, place a torch down and this will allow you to build off the side of it. Sneaky way to conserve the blocks!

8. Signs and ladders will stop lava and water.

If water or lava is getting in your way, do not fear! There is a real easy way of beating that pesky flow. If you drop a ladder (or a sign, for that matter) into water or lava, it will stop the flow completely, allowing you to carry on with your mission.

7. Wooden slabs are flame resistant.

If you play in a world with fire, you no longer need to worry about your wood catching on fire. Wooden slabs are fire resistant, unlike wooden planks.

6. Use snowballs against Blazes.

Snowballs have little use in Minecraft... or so I thought. If venturing to the Nether, instead of packing costly arrows and bows, just take those easily accessible snowballs with you and use them to cool off any Blaze.

5. Soul sand can be used as a trap.

Place ice under Soul sand and it will slow you down even more. Aside from slowing you down, Soul sand can also be used as a trap. Did you know that your character sinks a little in Soul sand? If you place blocks three block-spaces up in the air with Soul sand in front of it, you will be unable to pass.

4. Signs make great building blocks.

If you stack signs on top of each other, you can make some absolute stunning buildings. Signs have the same grids as everything else — I highly recommend using these to create beautifully unique buildings.

3. Middle click!

In creative mode, if you click the scroll wheel on the mouse, it will put whatever you are looking at directly into your inventory. This is a nifty trick that not many people know.

2. Infinite water.

You need just two buckets to create an infinite water source. By creating a trench three blocks along and filling both sides with just the one bucket of water, you will create an infinite source if you only take water from the middle block.

1. Ground clearance is easier with water.

The easiest way to clear grassy areas is to use a bucket of water. Tip the water onto the ground you wish to clear, and the water will wash away the troublesome obstacles.

Share your tips and tricks below!

Source: minecraft.wonderhowto, IGN


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