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Taleworlds had published their newest gameplay at E3 PC Gaming Show, but I want to talk more about the past and future of the game. But to talk about the gameplay we have to talk about the Community Manager of TaleWorlds Entertainment (and probably the guy who plays the game) Frank Elliot.

Yeah that's the guy, take a good look at him
Yeah that's the guy, take a good look at him

I can easily say this man knows what he is doing. He is really good at explaining things, answering and dodging the questions. Just the Community Manager every company needs...

So for the ones who aren't familiar with M&B let's ask the question "What is Mount & Blade: Bannerlord?"

Bannerlord is a sandbox, action, role-play, strategy, simulation video game prequel to M&B Warband. Yes it is a prequel because it takes 200 years before the events in Warband. In this game you are just a regular person in a medieval timeline world. The game takes place in the time of thedowfall of the Calradian Empire which is very similar to Roman Empire.

From the gardens of Ankara, Taleworlds hails all PC Gamers. But as far as I've heard soon console players will taste the beauty of M&B too.

Let's get to the reason why I started to write this. As I said in the beginning of this article TaleWorlds Entertainment published their siege gameplay in M&B Bannerlord for E3. There was also an extended version of it. Here it is:

All I can say is it looks astonishing. Just as players wanted they kept the gameplay mostly same but the graphics are better, AI is pretty better even though I don't like how soldiers were all piled up in front of the door inside the castle. However game is still not yet finished. I'm sure they will polish it up a little. But even in this state I can say this game is the game that all PC Gamers and Medieval history nerds/geeks like me should play. Be sure to check it out when it comes out.

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