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When it comes to fighting games, no game is bigger than the ones in the Street Fighter franchise. Street Fighter has been a staple in the competitive fighting-game world since before the creation of official fighting-game tournaments. The latest entry in the series, Street Fighter V, has proven itself to be one of the greatest
Street Fighter games yet, with its great graphics and mechanics that make it easy for both beginners and Street Fighter veterans to have fun!

Fighting games are usually more popular on console, but that hasn't stopped Street Fighter V from becoming one of the biggest fighting games on PC. One of the benefits of owning SFV on the PC is the ability to mod the game. PC gamers have access to a ton of incredible mods that completely change the way the game is played.

These mods range from changing the background music in a stage to creating new game modes and challenges for players to use. However, the most popular mods in Street Fighter V are the ones that let you play as characters not originally in the game. It's especially great if the character is a pop-culture character that would otherwise never be in a Street Fighter game. Enter TheJamk and his epic Overwatch-related mod!

Tracer joins the fight!

Overwatch has quickly taken the world by storm and become the biggest FPS game of the year, a feat it achieved before it even came out! With its wide variety of characters and its fun gameplay, it's no surprise why everyone loves Overwatch.

3D artist TheJamk, like many talented fans, took his love of Overwatch to the next level by modding one of its most popular characters into Street Figher V! By re-skinning Cammy, TheJamk managed to add Tracer into SFV, throwing her into the fray and pitting her against the tough fighters of the Street Fighter franchise!

It's incredible how much Tracer not only looks like herself, but looks like she actually belongs in the game. If I'd have never heard of Overwatch, I probably would have mistaken Tracer for just another Street Fighter V character.

Of course, even though TheJamk got Tracer's appearance spot-on with his SFV mod, it is still just technically a reskin of Cammy. Unfortunately, that means Tracer doesn't come with any of her amazing skills, such as her teleporting ability or sticky grenade.

But that doesn't mean it isn't awesome to see Tracer duking it out with the likes of Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li! I don't know about you, but I'm seriously hoping that TheJamk (or any other talented artists) put other Overwatch characters into Street Fighter V! If that happens, I'll definitely need to get it for PC!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of Tracer in 'SFV'?


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