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June is a great month for games! With E3 2016 over and done with, the gaming world is excited for the release of much anticipated titles. Both Skyrim and Crash Bandicoot are getting remastered which left gamers drooling and rubbing their hands in excitement, everyone who considers themselves gamers hopped on the hype train as more and more new titles popped up and left the world begging for more.

Since gaming is basically the cool thing to do now, indie game companies revved up to prepare for their not-quite-AAA-but-still-great games. One game in particular that I’ve had the privilege to know about from scouring around youtube’s numerous Let’s Play videos is Nightfall.

Now, the Philippines is known for its scenic vacation spots, and friendly people. Outsourcing is also common in the country, most game companies participate in it, so imagine my surprise when I find out that Nightfall is apparently the first PC game to be recognized as a local original IP. The developers didn’t dabble in outsourcing and dedicated their time and energy to creating an original title.

After much digging and inquiring, Nightfall features some of the country’s local monsters and ghosts. It is quite similar to Indonesia’s Dreadout (This game will give you nightmares).

Nightfall revolves around a young female journalist named Ara Cruz. Gutsy and driven, she’s determined to solve the mystery of the reporters who went missing, they were last seen going into the house in the North. You take control of said journalist, and hopefully, the curiosity will kill the cat and not you.

Moving on. I haven’t made a Let’s Play video when I was given the chance to test the beta.

The first thing I noticed was the graphics. I’m not very picky when it comes to graphics, but it’s the year 2016, and with all the games that E3 showcased in the reel, it’s hard not to judge. I’ve played Minecraft, Stardew, Slenderman, and Amnesia, graphics don’t matter too much as long as the gameplay and story is phenomenal. The developers seemed to be inspired by how Borderlands paints their assets and models. The environment is well-designed, the sound clicks well with the surroundings, and voice actors could use improvement but it’s still passable. Overall, the game is a colossal improvement from its early stages, and I can’t wait until it comes out.

Some of the puzzles are challenging. I admit that I succumbed to weakness and searched for a walkthrough to that two statues puzzle because I couldn’t figure out the logic of it. The easiest one was collecting Sampaguita stone pieces to open this secret door that leads to the chapel? It looks like one. This is one big mansion, they have a chapel underneath! Since the beta doesn’t cover the whole area, I imagine that the house led you (Ara) to the ghost world like in Silent Hill. It would be a real twist if it’s all in her mind, and that you were the killer all along.

The monsters featured in the game is one called “Pasatsat”. These are zombie-like creatures who spit and shout at you instead of eating your flesh. There’s also a female Pasatsat that headbangs you if you dare to interrupt her mosh pit wall banging. The first level monsters were honestly really funny, but they get scarier the more I advance (No spoilers, get the game!).

When I opened that one love letter, the story becomes clearer. At first, you would think that it’s about uncovering the case of the missing reporters (they were killed by ghosts, no surprises there), but like in the game Gone Home whose story was slowly being revealed by letters and items scattered around the house, Nightfall isn’t just about the missing journalists anymore, it’s about troubled spirits and finding out why the house remains haunted to this day.

What I like best about Nightfall is that I think it’s more of a love story than mystery. Ara is going to find out about that soon-ish the more she digs deeper.

The Philippines (and Asia, in general) are big fans of romance, and the game incorporated that pretty well in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this game to Romance and Thriller enthusiasts.

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