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We collaborated with Irish-comic-mega-group FINAL BOSS (also known as EPIC NEWS DAILY) in a hazy drinking session to ramble over the 2001 release of the genre defining Grand Theft Auto III.

I, like many others, was not 18 when I played this. (I personally was 8 or 9 at the time). I hadn’t experienced this level of this violence before, especially compared to my usual go-to of Crash Bandicoot.

My thing was driving an ambulance at high speeds and running over pedestrians. My parents were pretty “concerned”… You would think there should have been an in-between gaming phase, before being subjected into the extreme violence of GTA III.

The lads of Drunk Nostalgia also think so too, but was it really possible at the time? How could you make Super Mario more violent, without having some really disturbing consequences?

As well as violence, they discuss picking up prostitutes, being a law-abiding citizen and those funky radio stations, to their own hilarious anecdotes.

If you were too young for GTA III, or you just didn’t have it, then you literally lost out on one of the biggest and most popular games of the 2000’s. With the launch in 2001, GTA III sold over 14 million units by 2008, which sure, is nothing compared to GTA V, but it was just the beginning of Rockstar’s GTA worldwide takeover.

The show is fronted by Chris Greene & Peter Ganley, who when not getting drunk and arguing with each other, have made lots of funny stuff (and won awards) for RTE 2, Channel 4, Paddy Power, The Poke & Yahoo.


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