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As a kid, I'd always day dreamed of how awesome it would be if I could somehow watch knights duke it out with different warrior tribes. Well, some very beautiful people at Ubisoft Montreal thought of the same thing, and here's their brain child: For Honor.

The Three Factions
The Three Factions

For Honor is exactly what I just said earlier. There will be three factions to play as in the game: The Legions (Knights), The Warborn (Vikings), and The Chosen (Samurai). You will pick one, and then you will fight in glorious hack-and-slash combat to dominate your foes.

Thanks to the recent E3 2016 event, we were able to see more of the game which originally made its debut last year.

The game will feature both a story campaign and a multiplayer mode. The basis of the story is that the world underwent a cataclysmic event. The survivors are left with scarce resources to live on, and this leads to the three factions stumbling across each other.

Thus began a millennia of war, one where future generations have forgotten what they're even fighting for. Apollyon, who leads her own mysterious faction, has her own agenda and seeks to keep the three warrior tribes at war with each other.

The gameplay features a new mechanic that seeks to emulate the feeling and weight of wielding a sword, axe, or any other weapon that your character is using. Called "The Art of Battle," it works by using the right stick on your controller to choose a direction to aim your weapon, whether it be top, right, or left.

This allows players to experience dueling in a new and exciting way. To block an incoming attack, players must match the direction that their opponent is striking at. On offense, players must exploit directions at which the opponent is not guarding. Players are able to dash and dodge these attacks as well as use the environment to help them in their battles. Execution moves are also available should players out-play their opponent.

Multiplayer plays in a four-versus-four format, with a variety of game modes available. So far the only known mode is Dominion, wherein players must compete to capture different control points. There will be different classes and feats for each faction, and each faction will feel and play differently. Players will be accompanied by AI soldiers in their fights, so the game will feel like you are in a real battle. Friendly fire also exist, so make sure not to swing your sword too close at an ally!

The game is set to release February 14, 2017, and it will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Honestly, I like the premise of the game. Let's hope that it lives up to the hype!


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