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Matt Walz

Fear not, Spider-Fans, what you see is what you get. In a Twitter conversation featuring Insomniac itself, the team revealed that the gorgeous cinematic trailer was comprised entirely of in-game footage shot on a PlayStation 4.

This is fantastic news for gamers and for Insomniac itself, as disgruntled fans have gone as far as filing lawsuits for false advertisement when final games didn't match graphically to their "in-game" trailers. Insomniac is clearly putting in the work to make sure the game is absolutely gorgeous.

Of course, this news isn't just exciting for the visuals. The high speed, adrenaline-fueled gameplay shown in the trailer is exactly what Spider-Man and Marvel fans have been waiting for in the game world, an area where Marvel has fallen behind their Distinguished Competitor in recent years. With Marvel's announced intent to dive into gaming head-on, this looks like a truly fantastic start. Now, we just wait for a release date.


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