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Ok, so I'm a little late here. The dust has well and truly settled and the party is most definitely over, but what better time to sit down and pick over the bones of what actually happened than the day after the night before...well almost.

There were a lot of announcements made at this year's event that some were expecting, whilst others took us by surprise. I have to admit that for me there was nothing really earth shattering this year, at least not an a par with last year's Fallout 4 announcement, but that being said there were enough heavy hitters to keep even the most casual gamer happy.

The likes of FIFA 17, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty and God of War are the lifeblood of the industry, but beyond the glitz and glamour of the triple A titles (and of course Hideo Kojima's wonderfully strange teaser for Death Stranding) there were a few unknown gems that look like they may be worth shelling out for over the next few months.

I have picked out some of the games that caught my eye over the past week and listed them below.

My 4 Top Picks Of E3 2016

1. Vampyr


Dontnod Entertainment, the team behind one of the best games of last year Life Is Strange have gone all dark and moody with their latest offering. Vampyr is an action RPG in which you play as Doctor Jonathan Reid who also happens to be a vampire.

As a man and a doctor you are committed to saving the lives of others but as a Vampire you are driven to take life in order to survive (interestingly this is also how you gain XP to level up). It is this moral dilemma that makes the game so interesting as the choices you make will have consequences (sound familiar Life Is Strange fans).

Feed on a child and his fathers life will be consumed with guilt at the death of his son but feed on his father and the child will spend the rest of his life homeless and destitute. And oh yeah, there's a band of Vampire hunters out to kill you as well so I wouldn't spend too long making that choice.

2. Steep


If Ubisoft manage to pull this off it will be amazing. I am by no means an extreme sports enthusiast being a sedentary creature by nature, but looking at the demo they put out for this almost had me reaching for a thick winter jacket and a snowboard!

Visually the game looks stunning and the level of control they appear to be offering with playback and zoom facilities is awesome. But this is Ubisoft and they have a track record of wowing audiences at E3 and then failing to deliver on the final product.

Both Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy's The Division impressed when presented at E3 but suffered from seemingly endless delays and ultimately had their graphics downgraded to run properly on Next Gen Consoles (although to be fair The Division was a fairly decent game). And don't get me started on the horror that was Assassins Creed Unity...a polished stage demo at E3 2014 resulting in a broken game full of bugs on release. We can only hope that they get this one right.

3. Gwent

If you've played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt then you'll know all about Gwent and will probably be as excited as I am about the fact that it's getting it's own game. For those who don't know, Gwent is an in game card game in The Witcher 3. The fact that the makers have taken this out of the game, where you play against the NPC characters of the game world, and made it a multiplayer game to play against real players is testament to its popularity with Witcher fans.

My understanding is that the game will be free to play with the option of in game purchases...something that I usually frown upon as this is normally another way of saying 'pay to win', however CD Projekt Red have already bucked the gaming trend by offering free downloadable content and two sizeable (and quality) DLC additions to The Witcher 3 for the price of a season pass. With any luck they will continue to buck the trend here too. Unless you're a Witcher fan the advert below probably looks less than exciting but trust me...once you've played it you will be addicted.

4. Days Gone

Days Gone
Days Gone

Sony's presentation at E3 was impressive with some big titles announced and an appearance by the aforementioned Hideo Kojima, but for me the one thing that really grabbed my attention was The Last Of Us looking Days Gone.

Not only did we get an announce trailer, but we were also treated to a gameplay demo. It all looked like pretty standard fare...until the zombies arrived. Literally thousands of them, rushing towards the game's main character like a hungry flesh eating river. It was interesting to watch as the character used the environment to create space for himself.

There was also a glimpse of a crafting mechanism that looked similar to the one used in The Last Of Us as he rummaged in his backpack to create a molotov cocktail, but it was the zombies that stole the show, swarming like the ones in World War Z rather than shuffling along like the standard George A Romero type. If the rest of the game plays this way it could be very intense.

These were just a few of the games that caught my eye. There were others, Spider-Man for example (obviously!), Quantic Dreams Detroit: Become Human and the intriguing looking Prey from Bethesda amongst others. If I had time I would write about them all, but much like E3 itself the party has to end sometime.

What was your favorite E3 reveal?


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