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Overwatch has been out for nearly a month now, and with over 10 million registered players, the competition's getting high. Over the course of the month, everyone's been getting comfortable with the characters they like and finding out which characters outperform others. A common nuisance many players struggle to counter is turrets — specifically those of Bastion and Torbjorn.

Good Bastion and Torbjorn (and even really good Symmetra) players have the upper hand in battle when they know the map really well. There are tons of corners to hide in and wait to kill your incoming enemies. Even so, there is always a counter. Here are five characters you should consider playing as when your team is being annihilated by turrets:

5. Hanzo

Hanzo is great from a high distance. Being one of the only two characters who can wall climb (the other being his brother, Genji), Hanzo can get up above the battlefield and snipe turrets from a distance. It's good to get up to a high hiding spot with a wall so you can hide before your enemies see you. If you're spotted, you're done for!

Another good thing about Hanzo is his ultimate ability, Dragonstrike. With this attack, two giant dragons fly out at enemies, almost instantly killing anyone they come into contact with. The dragons go through walls, so if you can sneak up behind a wall and shoot it at the turret's direction, you're golden.

4. Widowmaker

Widowmaker is, like Hanzo, really good at sniping out turrets from a distance. While she has more range than Hanzo, her shots aren't as powerful. It might take a couple of shots to get the job done, so find a good hiding spot really high up. If worse comes to worse, you have her grappling hook for a quick getaway!

Widowmaker's ultimate ability, Infra-Sight, let's not only you but the rest of your team see where everyone on the opposing team is on the map, indicating their locations in red. This forewarns your allies as to where turrets could be hiding so that they can find alternate paths around them.

3. Reinhardt

Reinhardt is one of, if not the, biggest tank character in the entire game. His shield covers a wide area in front of him, allowing him to protect himself and a number of his allies at the same time. Reinhardt players are notorious for putting up their shield and literally walking right up to turrets with a teammate or two firing at it from behind. While this is a very effective way to kill turrets, you must be careful and watch your back. Coordinate with your team and have a two firing at the turret and two behind you covering any sneak attacks.

2. D.Va

Being another tank character, D.Va packs a not-so-powerful punch but has a lot of health to make up for it. I've seen plenty of D.Va players charge straight into turrets using her boosters, then shooting at them close-range until they're destroyed.

If you want to know the real effective way to eliminate those pesky turrets, it's using her ultimate ability, Self-Destruct. Get at a safe distance, then charge at the area of the turrets using her Boosters. When you're about half way there, use Self-Destruct, and D.Va will hop out of her Mech suit, sending it flying into the turret and devastating (or D.Va-stating!) a great area around it.

1. Mei

Mei is one of the most annoying and effective characters for countering Bastion and Torjorn players. There are a couple ways Mei can counter them —

1. Ice Wall is extremely annoying for the opposing team. Literally just blast a wall in front of the turret, sneak around, and have at it!

2. If you can be sneaky, creep up behind the turret (this works better on Bastion), and simply use your Endothermic Blaster. This will freeze the enemy in place, then you can give it a final blow with an icicle shot or two.

3. The last way is to use her ultimate ability, Blizzard. This freezes all of the enemies in the immediate area of the attack. Once they're frozen, snipe 'em with an icicle!

So there you have it! These are some of the best characters to counter Bastion, Torbjorn, and Symmetra players. Do you have any other characters you use to counter? Let me know in the comments below!


Who do you use to counter turrets?


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