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Since Battlefield 4 is an older game, I'm not going to bother with the review. However, I decided to give my impressions so far as this is my first time through. My impressions may be a bit bleak, as I experienced many glitches and bugs right from the beginning. First my game completely lags right out, mid level, couldn't move, couldn't do anything, on single player at that, believe it or not. During an elevator ride my character fell through the floor, free fell until he went through the ground, then went back up into the elevator making me miss a few kills, prompting a checkpoint restart. This happened to me again on a boat, I fell through, went into the water, then was back on the boat suddenly.

While swimming, my character would not go forward, he kept propelling backwards and moving forward at a dreadfully slow speed. This would make sense If I was in a heavy current, but no, calm waters. Once I reached a doorway, he would not swim through, just kept bouncing off an invisible wall. I quit and went back in, still the same issue. Frustrated with what was going on, I closed the game down completely, but this did not fix anything. Finally after three tries I made it through the door, though the game resisted the whole time. As soon as I got to the end of the swimming part, the game propelled me backwards, it took me 4 tries and many presses of the A button to finally grab the ledge and pull myself up. Once up, my game malfunctioned again, prompting me to shut it down.

When the Battlefield 4 is not glitching out, it's a decent game. Dog tags, weapons and other collectibles are scattered throughout the levels. The combat is great, and offers rewards for skilled kills. But the combat has many glitches as well, from the hit detection giving me a non-headshot kill, despite the fact I was aiming right at his face when I shot, to railings creating an invisible wall. Though my experience has been a buggy one, I'll keep playing. When I complete it, I will give my final impressions. That is if it does not completely glitch out before that point.

I realized that my gamertag was cut out of the picture for some visitors on their mobile devices. My Xbox Gamertag is KeroseneClouds.

Not very far due to glitches.
Not very far due to glitches.

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