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Uncharted is one of the most beloved video game franchises and with the fourth and final installment in the series being released about one month ago, to critical acclaim, one must ask -- "Where is the Uncharted movie?"

Some argue that the games are enough of a movie on their own, but it would be cool to see some of the mind-blowing set pieces from the game translate over to the big screen with real actors and actual stunts. Video game movies are on the rise, as 3 of the 4 video game movies this year has been released, with Assassin's Creed yet-to-be released. So far, The Angry Birds Movie has the highest RT score out of the three with 43%, however Warcraft has a audience score of 80% against it's 31% critic score, and has been breaking records over in China as well becoming the highest grossing video game based film ever made!

Uncharted could be the movie that breaks the curse, although in my opinion Warcraft did break the curse, and Uncharted's release date is June 30th, 2016 while today is the 23rd and we have yet to hear any news on the progression of the movie, all we know at this point is the release date and the writer, who is Oscar-winning Mark Boal of Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker fame which is an impressive back-catalog for a writer so i think writing wise they are in a good zone, but really that is all we heard. Unless we have some huge reveal of the director and cast within the next couple of weeks, expect a huge delay in the movie's release date.

Just a few days ago the voice actor of "Nathan Drake," Nolan North, had said "People who've seen the script are comparing it to Indiana Jones and National Treasure, but there's still a lot of work and truthfully, I think it's got an uphill battle" so obviously there is a long way to go with the script, and that is the latest we have heard of the film.

The film has been in development since 2010, when David O. Russell was going to direct the film with Mark Wahlberg, who Nolan North also claimed he wouldn't have chosen for the role. In addition to Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson were rumored to star as well, most likely as journalist Elena Fischer. Amy Adams played a journalist three years later in Man Of Steel as Lois Lane. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci were even rumored as well to star as Nathan Drake's father and uncle, so obviously the movie wasn't going to be so close to the source material. Then a couple years later, Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon hopped onto the project as director, which would have covered the humor part of Uncharted, but not sure about the heart and adventure of Uncharted, Seth Gordon later dropped out of the project.

The film is currently in development hell, but Sony's mind is in the right place, as they offered Chris Pratt the role of Nathan Drake, however he turned down the part, which is a real downer as Pratt would have been PERFECT for Nathan Drake, and even Nolan North said he would have made a great Drake. Maybe we could get Chris Pratt as Nathan Drake sometime down the line. However, Nathan Drake is a very easy character to cast, most fans want Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake, and that would be the mostly godly casting of all time if that were to happen, but some people would say he is too old to play Nathan Drake which is not true at all.

Nathan Fillion is 45 years old, lets say we somehow have him play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie that releases next year, he will be 46 when it releases, and lets say every two years we get a Uncharted movie for every main game, so four movies. By the fourth movie, he will be 52, which you might say is a little old, but Nathan Drake is considerably older and a little rusty in the final installment. However, Robert Downey Jr was 43 when he first played Iron Man, and after 6 movies, is 51 years old, and is listed to play Iron Man until 2019 in Infinity War, where he will be 54 after 11 years of playing Iron Man. So, I think all Nathan Fillion has to do is bulk up a little and lose a bit of weight and you have the perfect Nathan Drake.

Then cast Bruce Campbell as Sully and boom, perfect Sully. These characters are sooo easy to cast because so many actors have their character type, but I think we should worry about a director before we get ahead of ourselves.

So we have to ask Sony, what is going on with the Uncharted movie?


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