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The gaming world is full of fan theories and conspiracies. Most of these theories are fun, innocent ramblings that delve deeper into the games we know and love. Some stories, however, can be a little more sinister. When it comes to urban legends, video games are not the first place one would think to look. From what I have found out today, it certainly should be.

This article will lead you through the twisted underbelly of our beloved industry, taking a look at some of the creepiest urban legends found within the world of gaming. From Luigi's suicide to mysterious hauntings — buckle up as I take you on the most unnerving journey of your gaming life.

7. 'Minecraft' is haunted

There are many a wondrous creation within the world of Minecraft, but reports of haunting within the servers are something else. Many users on separate servers in separate countries have reported seeing the same thing. What users are reporting is a mysterious character appearing in their games. The character is said to resemble the game's protagonist but doesn’t have any eyes. After encountering the character, many users report game crashes and disturbing sounds coming through speakers.

The ghost is apparently known as "Herobrine" and is believed to be the ghost of Notch’s dead brother. A harrowing haunting was even caught live whilst a player was streaming his session. Apparently the player was streaming his gameplay when he noticed a lone figure standing in the middle of a lava field. Soon after this, his game became corrupted and the following message was sent out to the viewers (along with the demonic noises coming from the speakers):

"It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not WAKE UP. In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren't being tortured. The only way that they realized they needed to WAKE UP was a note they found in their fantasy world. It would tell them about their condition, and tell them to WAKE UP. Even then, it would often take months until they were ready to discard their fantasy world and PLEASE WAKE UP."

6. 'World of Warcraft' and the possessed children

There is a house in Goldshire that becomes very creepy at certain times. The house itself is based just on the edge of Goldshire (near Crystal Lake), and is always empty; no one seems to live there — or do they?

If you venture to this house at 7:30am on the game's servers, you can sometimes find six small children standing in a room. And, if that is not weird or scary enough, they stand in a Pentagram shape. Players have reported hearing strange noises coming from within the house, screams of tortured souls, and even the voice of C'Thun — one of the original game's high-end bosses pulled straight out of Cthulhu Mythos — uttering the phrase, "You will die."

One other thing about this that is odd is that as soon as players walk into the room when (and only when) the six children are in there, the in-game music changes — and it is not a nice change.

It is also reported that once you have seen them they will occasionally appear in front of you elsewhere, still in a Pentagram formation. Check out this video below. This poor gamer is very confused.

What the heck is going on here, Blizzard? Do you have any theories?

5. Bill Gates is the devil and we can prove it!

This seems to be quite a common statement found on the internet; for some reason there are many people out there that believe that Bill Gates either is the devil or works extremely closely with him. But why do people think this? Well, apparently him being super smart has nothing to do with it — it’s the devil’s influence. Apparently Bill Gates, Windows 95, and MS-DOS 6.21all magically add up to 666, a.k.a., the number of the beast.

Also, apparently there is a secret game hidden inside Windows 95. This game is allegedly called the "Hall of Tortured Souls" and, if completed, will reveal the demonic truth behind Gates’ success. Alas, this is not true... because it's hidden in Excel 95!

That’s right, hidden within Excel 95 there is a DOOM-like FPS game. The game is indeed called "Hall of Tortured Souls" and consists of just two rooms with nothing else in it — the fact that it is completely deserted is what makes it extra creepy. For years, it was thought that that was it. That is, until some clever clogs figured out more.

If you face a certain direction and type "EXCELKFA," a wall behind you will disappear and a narrow bridge will become visible leading to a room. If you manage to cross that incredibly difficult bridge you will find yourself in a room with a Microsoft version of the Last Supper. Yup, middle finger to the Almighty from the devil himself (apparently).

In actual fact, this was put in the program by the developers as a way of giving themselves credit for the build — the faces you see in the picture are those of the devs.

Or are they…?

4. In 'Portal,' GLaDOS is really a bound and gagged women

A lot of the game is about GLaDOS; after all, there are only two characters in Portal, she and you. The whole game sees you jumping through hoops in an effort to bring the deranged artificial intelligence down. It all comes to a head at the end of the game where we are finally able to confront GLaDOS.

But in this scene, does she look somewhat human to you?

Many theorists have compared GLaDOS to a bound and gagged women that has been strung upside down. The mesh of tangled wires and robotic attachments lend themselves to the figure of a human. Take a look:

It all makes sense when you play through the game with the backing commentary track. When you get to see GLaDOS in all her glory, Jeremy Bennett, Portal's art director, says:

"Eventually, we settled on a huge mechanical device with a delicate robotic figure dangling out of it, which successfully conveys both GLaDOS' raw power and her femininity."

But theorists believe that the real sub-narrative of the game focuses on GLaDOS actually wanting to be found and killed, thus setting her free. What do you think?

3. The haunting of Hell Valley — Mario

Of all the games out there, you would think that Mario would be the last place you would find anything particularly sinister. It’s a world-famous family adventure with lovable characters and endearing sound effects. But have you ever stopped to look around? Particularly in Super Mario: Galaxy 2.

If you switch to first person view and look in the right direction out toward the edge of the galaxy, you will see something particularly eerie. Shadowy figures are seen to be watching Mario — this is widely considered to be the video game version of Slenderman.

These figures have been deliberated and debated for a good few years, some saying they are local aliens whilst others say they are merely trees. To get to the bottom of the argument, some clever individual managed to hack into the game files to see what exactly these things were labelled up as, and the findings were chilling.

The sky that is seen to provide the backdrop for these entities is called "BeyondHellValley," and the creatures are referred to as "HellValleyTrees." However, when you try to access the file, it always seems to break. They are not trees, Nintendo! There is no such level, character, or power up that even comes close to this title in the game… Hell Valley?

The jury is out with theorist worldwide still debating what these creatures could be.

Got any theories you would like to share?

2. Luigi’s suicide

As we have recently discovered, Mario games are actually pretty messed up. Luigi’s Mansion for the Gamecube even more so. In Luigi’s Mansion, you basically run around a big old mansion hunting for ghosts. It is said, though, that if you head to a certain room in the house and wait for the right moment, a massive ghostly Nintendo secret will be revealed.

That secret? Luigi is a ghost; he has been dead all along. If you head to the darkened room and stand in the correct spot, eventually a lighting strike outside will illuminate the room. It is at this moment Luigi’s terrible secret is revealed. When the lightning strikes you will clearly see the shadow of a hanging Luigi.

That’s right, Luigi hanged himself.

1. The arcade game that drove kids insane and then disappeared from existence

This is a real X-Files-type situation; Mulder and Scully would find this one fascinating. For a summer back in 1981, a small town in Portland received a brand-new arcade game called Polybius. The game apparently had no graphical design, just the title of the game on the front. It played out similar to Atari’s Tempest but also included a few Pac-Man-esque puzzles.

It wasn’t until a week or so later that people started to worry — according to reports, there were many a linked incident in which kids that had played the game were acting completely out of character, becoming violent and suffering from chronic fits of anxiety. They would feel nauseous whilst experienced terrible hallucinations. Reports even go as far as to state that some that played the game attempted suicide and that others have since lost the ability to feel sad entirely.

What makes this extra peculiar is the fact that someone (a security guard) reported to the police that he had seen men arrive in the dead of night in black jackets and were collecting data from the machine. Soon after this, one random morning the machine was gone — up and vanished — as if it were never there.

The only image we have today of this arcade machine is this shot of the logo. This is genuinely the only known picture of that mind-altering machine.

For real, what the heck was happening here?

This one, people, has not been solved.

Do you have any creepy gaming tales to tell? Add them below!


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