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Now Loading Community Content Manager | Disney / Nintendo Enthusiast | YouTube/Twitter: PlayerOneTyler
Tyler Scott Sanchez

Do you think you know everything about video games? If so, then it's time to put your great minds full of random gaming trivia to the test! Every Friday, the Now Loading Community Team will be holding a gaming trivia session in the NowLoading-Gaming Channel of the Creators Chat. To join in on the fun, make sure to pop into the Creators Chat (which is accessible from your Dashboard or you can download the Mobile App from the iTunes Store) by 4PM PT.

This week's theme is E3!

To give you a head start, why not start reading some of the Now Loading posts by some of the Creators and staff?

This is just a light touch on what you might find pop up in the trivia session today, so make sure you check out the Now Loading Facebook page for even more coverage on E3 2016. You will also want to check out Creators Academy! Who knows? We may or may not pull some questions from there, as well.

See you at 4 PM PT!


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