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It's been over a month now since Disney discontinued the Disney Infinity video game series and fans (just like myself) are having a hard time adjusting to the saddening news. Some fans have gave up hope and have simply accepted the fact that their beloved franchise is over, and that we will never see what Infinity had planned for the future. The Youtube channel Infiniteer Adventures has a different frame of mind however, as the channel has been delivering exclusive looks at cancelled Infinity figures over the past month. The latest figure the channel has revealed is none other than Spider-Gwen!

Yep you heard that correctly, your favorite neighborhood Spider-Gwen was ready to swing into Disney Infinity later on this year before the franchise was discontinued. A bit of an odd choice considering that Spider-Gwen was never a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Animated Universe. However, the Disney infinity team were so in love with the characters design that they couldn't wait to bring her into the game.

For those of you who do not know Spider-Gwen, she is an alternate universe version of Spider-Man. In that universe Gwen Stacey was the one to receive the bite from the radioactive spider, not Peter Parker.

The character proved to be a massive hit with fans, so much so that she received her own best-selling standalone series.

Infiniteer Adventures previously released the concept art of a cancelled Doctor Strange figure, as well as a cancelled Deluxe Hulk figure. These aren't the only figures in development at Disney Infinity, as a character chart released earlier this year showed that there were several characters from Star Wars, Marvel and Disney being prepped for release.

The main set rumored for Star Wars was a Rogue One play set, along with character figures for Jyn Erso, General Grievous and Count Dooku. On the Marvel side of Infinity, there was a planned Doctor Strange play set along with rumored figures for Scarlet Witch and Winter Soldier.

It is interesting to note that on an Infinity podcast earlier this year, Allison Petrek let slip that Infinity was developing a female Marvel figure for release later on this year. Was that figure Spider-Gwen or Scarlet Witch?

The inclusion of Spider-Gwen goes to show that the people at Disney Infinity were so passionate about their product. They never "half-assed" a project or released it for the money, they worked hard to bring a character in that fans wanted and that they were truly excited to bring in. John Vignocchi and Allison Petrek had a certain passion and excitement for Disney Infinity that is very rare in this day and age of the video game industry, and that showed in every Toy Box TV.

It is a shame to see a wonderful product — with equally as wonderful people — go out of business, especially with all the fantastic ideas they had in store for the future! It makes you wonder if more canceled figures and play sets will leaks onto the internet. These leaks surely are adding insult to injury for us Disney Infinity fans, but lets never lose hope! You never know what the future will hold for Infinity!


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