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Young adult novel adaptations, comic book movies, and an overbearing amount of sequels currently dominate the silver screen, but the question is: For how much longer? With Universal's Warcraft movie recently becoming the highest grossing video game adaptation of all time and The Angry Birds Movie currently sitting just a couple million shy of second place, one thing becomes excessively clear: The age of video game movies is upon us.

While there are thousands of games out there that make for great experiences, not all of them are fit for film adaptation; however, some of them (and their fans) are simply screaming for a shot at the box office. Without further ado, here are ten games that undeniably NEED film adaptations.

The world(s) of Mario

Mario is the highest-grossing video game franchise of all time, with household games nearly everyone has come to love and enjoy at some point during their lives. With Disney Animation Studios' highly successful Wreck-It Ralph basing much of its main characters' premises off of Mario and Donkey Kong's original outing in the Donkey Kong arcade game, it would only make sense for the original characters themselves to get a film outing as well.

Think Mario would do well in a Wreck-It Ralph-style movie?


Bricks are bricks, so if The Lego Movie can pull off such a feat, so can the wonderful world of Minecraft! It seems like Warner Brothers, the same company that did The Lego Movie, feels the same way. After the success of The Lego Movie, Warner Brothers began looking into other similar ventures to bring to theaters. The company is supposedly working on a potential script for a Minecraft feature film. What do you think?

'The Last of Us'

With the incredible success of The Walking Dead — as well as the show's slow yet steady decline in quality with each new season — a new take on a world plagued by a zombie apocalypse could be just what we need to keep the zombie fad alive. Either that, or the zombie obsession might just begin to die out like the not-so-permanent vampire fad that happened not too long ago.

Sony currently has the rights to make a movie for The Last of Us; however, the project is currently frozen and has not been worked on for more than a year and a half.

The Slenderman mythos

Slenderman is a horror movie just waiting to happen. This creepy meme-turned-video-game has become an internet sensation not unlike that of Alex from Target and the Chewbacca Mom. The stories of the faceless man who traumatizes children who attempt to sneak away from their houses at night have lit the flame to this generation's boogieman, and a movie adaptation would be more than enough to start the next big horror series since Saw.

According to the New York Times, Sony has been seeking the creative rights to be able to produce a movie based around such a character as the mysterious and dark Slender Man.

The Legend of Zelda franchise

Very few games have a cult-like following as strong as the Legend of Zelda games. Fans might be disappointed to hear that those rumors early last year about a Zelda Netflix series were proven false, but that doesn't mean we won't be seeing Zelda in film after Nintendo announced that it's looking into producing films based off some of its titles. However, it's important to note that Nintendo does not wish to head down the road of live-action after the massive failure of the Super Mario Bros. movie released in 1993.


Nowadays, with so much of everyone's lives revolving around technology, the one who wields the web wields the world. With films like Eagle Eye and I, Robot about (spoilers) supercomputers taking over civilization, one could only wonder what that kind of power would be like in the hands of a single person. Forget whatever people had to say about the game, a Watch Dogs movie would be one to rival any other for a Friday-night theater release.

In 2013, Watch Dogs was one of the films Sony announced it will be producing along with Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and Raving Rabbids. It is believed that production for Watch Dogs is on hold until the company sees the box office results of the Assassin's Creed movie that's coming in December of this year.


The inFAMOUS series is one certainly worth a TV adaptation. Everyone wants superpowers, but what if the government tried to capture anyone with special abilities? Similar to themes found in X-Men movies but with a more urban street fighter flare, inFAMOUS gives you just that: a story about the super-powered refugees escaping the grasps of a government that is out to destroy them.

Sony announced in 2009 that Avi and Ari Arad (brothers) were attached to produce an inFAMOUS movie, with Shelden Turner penning a script. No such movie or progress on the project has been revealed to the public since, leaving the project frozen at Sony.

'Temple Run'

If you've ever played the highly popular Temple Run app, have you ever wondered why you were running away or what those demonic monkeys were or where you even were? A Temple Run movie would be the perfect way to explain all those questions you never thought to ask about the game.

Reports in 2013 claimed Warner Brothers was in negotiations to create a Temple Run movie, with producer David Heyman supposedly attached to the project.

The Fallout franchise

Thanks to The Hunger Games, everything and everyone is all about post-apocalyptic worlds. However, the Fallout video games have been on this bandwagon long before it was a bandwagon to begin with. A movie about people who awake from vaults that protected them from the radiation of a nuclear apocalypse to find the mutations of the Wasteland outside would certainly draw audiences.

"I've taken a number of [Fallout movie pitch] meetings over the years and nothing quite clicked where I felt, 'Oh, that would be as good as the game.'"

-Bethesda's Todd Howard on why there has not been a Fallout movie yet.

The Elder Scrolls series

While not every storyline from the games can be included in a movie or movie series, there are certainly plenty of stories to choose from in the Elder Scrolls series. Medieval fantasy sells if you do it right, as we've seen from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies.

Bethesda executives have previously stated that the major reason holding them back from allowing Elder Scrolls movies to happen is due to fear of creative differences between the games and potential films. Would making an Elder Scrolls movie be worth that risk?

Have any other video games you think would make INCREDIBLE movies? Sound off below!


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