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Video games are often associated with the stereotypical loner crowd. To be a gamer automatically grants you some label or other by those unfamiliar with what the gaming world actually is. But, as gamers, we know better. We know that we're a vast and varied crowd that can't be lumped into a simple, categorical group.

But what's a good way to show that to the rest of the world? Well, first-hand experience will probably be the best route, but, barring that, the following list of celebrity gamers may help with the enlightening process. By no means exhaustive, we've gathered a sizable list of celebrities that have proven to share the same love of games as the rest of us. Take a look below!

1. T-Pain

Yes, that's right. The rapper recently joined Twitch and began streaming his adventures through Overwatch. In one unexpectedly emotional stream, T-Pain goes into a speech about what it means to be a gamer and how there's nothing wrong with being yourself:

"For many years, I've been led to believe that we should all be hiding the fact that we're gamers...being a nerd, being a gamer, that's something to really be proud of....That's something that people strive to be, but since they can't do what they think they wanna do, they make fun of it."

Preach on, T-Pain!

2. Megan Fox ('Transformers,' others)

Via YouTube (yes, that's Adam Scott).
Via YouTube (yes, that's Adam Scott).

When she's not contributing to explosion scenes in Michael Bay films, this actress is contributing to explosion scenes in video games. A known fan of Halo, Megan Fox will show you no quarter if you run into her online.

3. Rahul Kohli and Robert Buckley ('iZombie')

If you've ever seen iZombie, you may have noticed that Rahvi and Major can break into game-related tangents. Turns out, the actors behind those characters don't have to reach very far to make those happen — they're both pretty big gamers. Rahul Kohli even streams his Diablo 3, Overwatch, and (briefly) Resident Evil 7 adventures on Twitch from time to time.

Blizzard even paid tribute to the actors by adding an portmanteau of an NPC to the game that rewarded a companion (whose name is also a shout-out to the series' star, Liv Moore).

(Oh, and if you haven't seen iZombie, do yourself a favor and start watching it as soon as you finish reading this. Seriously.)

4. Chandler Riggs ('The Walking Dead')

Offering no shortage of, "Get back in the [blank], Koral!" jokes, the famous Walking Dead star is a big fan of League of Legends and has even streamed the game before. No word on if his latest eye injury has affected his playing.

5. Olivia Munn ('Attack of the Show!,' 'X-Men Apocalypse,' others)

Model, host, actress...and gamer. Turns out Olivia Munn — outside of being a big tech geek — will also kick your ass up and down if you happen to run into her during any of her Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sessions. She's openly admitted to getting incredibly sucked into games, especially first-person shooters.

6. Felicia Day ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' 'The Guild,' Geek & Sundry)

This likely isn't a surprise for anyone even remotely familiar with the actress's work, but that doesn't take away from how cool it is. Felicia Day has been known to craft in Minecraft, war in World of Warcraft, and generally nerd out in all areas of life. Even if you'd never heard of her, the first time you see her act in almost anything, her nerdy side shows.

7. Robin Williams (legendary actor in...well, a whole lot)

Robin Williams and daughter Zelda in game promos.
Robin Williams and daughter Zelda in game promos.

The legendary actor may have passed away in 2014, but his legacy as a gamer lives on, literally and figuratively. A huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series, Robin Williams named his daughter after the ever-rescuable princess of the series, and he also has an in-game tribute in World of Warcraft to honor his memory and his love of the game.

8. Mila Kunis ('That '70s Show,' 'Family Guy,' others)

Image via
Image via

Perhaps a surprise if you've only seen the film and television she's been in, but Mila Kunis has talked numerous times of her love for gaming, including games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Minecraft.

9. Kristian Nairn ('Game of Thrones')

Image via
Image via

Hold the do– err, phone! Hodor's a gamer? That's right, the actor behind the lovable oaf is a big gamer. A big fan of World of Warcraft, he wears his Horde pride loud and proud and has even gotten a tattoo of the Dark Lady herself, Sylvanas, painted on his left arm.

10. Ronda Rousey (UFC/MMA champion and Olympic athlete)

UFC 184 Embedded: Vlog Series — Episode 1 (via YouTube).
UFC 184 Embedded: Vlog Series — Episode 1 (via YouTube).

Badass boxer by night, gamer by... later night. Not only is this powerful fighter a fan of Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, she also has talked about her love of World of Warcraft to the point where she actually has a character in the game named after her.

11. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker (Fast and Furious franchise)

Starring in the ultimate display of ridiculous, adrenaline-fueled car antics, the former actor recently shared a video of himself with Paul Walker (who was in a fatal car accident) as a way of honoring their time together. The video? The two actors together traveling through World of Warcraft.

12. Aisha Tyler ('Archer')

Image via The Guardian.
Image via The Guardian.

It may come as no surprise given the actress's recent hosting at E3, but the voice of Lana — yes, let's all get it out of our systems..."LANAAAAAAA!") — is an avid gamer. She's even appeared in Watch Dogs as herself, plus Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3.

13. Robert Kazinsky ('Warcraft')

The Warcraft movie may have been one of the most controversially received movies of the year, but fan response seemed generally happy that the film was made for the fans. But did you know it was also made by the fans? Orgrim Doomhammer himself has been an avid WoW player for years. He's even gone on record as saying his obsession with the game has gotten in the way of his personal life (something we don't recommend, though, just FYI).

Were you surprised by any of the actors on this list? Know any others that are gamers? Let us know in the comments!


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