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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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All right, Sonic fans, you may already be wise to the word, but come next year the Blue Streak will be...streaking(?) back onto consoles in some capacity. Yes, Sonic The Hedgehog, the beleaguered mascot of a bygone era is being dragged up from obscurity for another day in the sun of Green Hill.

But my question is...why?

Sonic rulez, okay?!

Dat 'tude doe.
Dat 'tude doe.

The announcement was made very recently at an event for Sonic's 25th anniversary, as Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka took to the stage in Tokyo for a super special event in honor of the cheeky, blue rodent's birthday.

No details have been revealed as to what the haps will be in the game, who Sonic will be snogging, and, more importantly, how it will play. But all of that particular news is possibly being held back until SEGA's other Sonic-shaped event in San Diego on July 22.

So what do we want from nu-Sonic?

Beats me!
Beats me!

I'm gonna be super harsh here, step out on a limb, and say there hasn't been a good Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles. Boom. But I'm not wholly wrong, am I? The vast majority of Sonic's 3D adventures, barring the history-spanning Generations and maybe the first Adventure title, have been total jokes of the gallows variety.

I understand the need to constantly revamp the little legend in order to keep him relevant, what with a Mario whose reinventions make Madonna look like...well, Madonna! But mixing an anthropomorphized blue hedgehog that can run faster than the speed of sound in with a world of humans...well, it breeds chaos. Not the good kinds of chaos, either. I'm talking chaos akin to Sonic The Hedgehog, SEGA's last great attempt at reinventing the blue wheel.

But if we're talking of a return to the world of Sonic — and Sonic's own Twitter page has the gall to throw shade/deeply seated irony at another beleagured title — I'm just saying it better be damn good! And here are a few ways it might go about succeeding...

1. Side-scrolling, son!

There's nothing bad with a nice little homage to what made an icon great in the first place. And, with Sonic, it was the side-scrolling and blistering speed of his formative turnouts. It's fair to say Sonic may never see himself in a 3D game the likes and quality of Super Mario 64, but look at Rayman Origins and Legends, two old-school side-scrollers with enough heart, content, challenge, and fun to withstand the test of time. More of this, please, and less exciting camera angle changes as Sonic runs in a straight line.

2. Or an actually thoroughly realized 3D world

Nerf this!
Nerf this!

Some people may bemoan the act of heading back to side-scrollers as a bit lazy, so we could stick with Generations' pretty badass mechanic of playing through the content either in 3D or the "2.5D"-style of side-scrollers. I'd love to see Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on top of a mountain surveying the carnage they have to end. As far as your eye can see, that's where you can get to. Imagine that, The Elder Scrolls VI: Streaks Of Blue...

To be perfectly honest, I've no idea how Sonic could be saved. SEGA has tried so many different ingredients, I have kind of forgotten what Sonic was like in the first place! But hopefully SEGA will help us remember. Maybe, I dunno.

What do you think?

What would you like from a new Sonic The Hedgehog outing?

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