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We all love Spider-Man, right?

Well Sony certainly knows this, so the media giant has recently teased the public with the first trailer for new, as-of-yet untitled Spider-Man game: coming exclusively to PS4 (yep, EXCLUSIVELY) sometime in the near future (no release date either) and developed by Insomniac Games. Exciting news, and whereas we can all debate whether or not the character's new costume is a welcome change or an attack upon the very nature of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's classic creation, why don't we instead re-visit the 5 console video games that helped secure the arachnid-themed hero within gaming history.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Featuring a great selection of comic-inspired costumes and a surprisingly dark Carnage story-line at the end of the game, the movie-adapted The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a fun addition to the franchise - and, thankfully, not a particularly faithful adaption of the 2014 film. See, movie games CAN be fun!

4. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

2008's Web of Shadows explored the dual aspects of Peter Parker's personality while he's wearing his famous black suit (although fairly purple looking this time around). With many choices left up to the player, such as handing those pesky villains over to the police, or allowing them to aid you in your campaign, and a generous number of superhero cameos (we're looking at you, Wolverine), Web of Shadows really felt like a fresh take on the character's video game persona. Plus, the final battle is pretty insane.

3. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

When released in 2010, Shattered Dimensions was a real surprise. An alternate-dimension-spanning adventure featuring 4 different Spider-Men (the 1930's 'Noir', the far-future '2099', the symbiote-wearing 'Ultimate' and the good ol' regular 'Amazing' Spider-Men if you must know), finally a game that felt just like a comic book.

Although the game didn't feature a free-roam environment, Shattered Dimensions introduced so many new and exciting aspects to Spider-Man video games (first-person punch-out, anyone?) that this one small grievance can be easily forgiven.

2. Ultimate Spider-Man

Okay, so Shattered Dimensions wasn't the first game to feel like a comic book; 5 years before it came Ultimate Spider-Man and hell, this one even looked just like a comic. With its deliberately blocky art style and amusing "thwip" sound effects, this entry in the Spider-Man franchise was based on Brian Michael Bendis' acclaimed comic series of the same name, so guaranteed a great story-line, even if it was woefully short. Jumping about in Manhattan had never been so much fun. Oh yeah, plus you could play as Venom.

1. Spider-Man 2

This one you probably should have guessed. The first free-roaming Spider-Man game really needs no introduction, yet it too was a movie adaption, crazy world, huh? Great game-play, exciting combat and a full line-up of classic villains to fight: who could ask for more?

And jumping off the top of the Empire State Building sure was a blast.


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