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I know I say this a lot, but with each passing day the statement becomes more and more true: Minecraft truly is a video game of incomparable scope. Within this pixelated universe, it has been proven that literally anything is possible. From Laptops to Gameboys, it would seem that there is nothing that cannot be built.

This latest offering, though, is something else; I have never seen a build on this scale before in Minecraft. This latest astonishing Minecraft creation took 1,500 people a whopping five years to build and is still growing. But what on earth could they be building?

Their own universe is the answer; allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of Shirecraft. This world is so detailed that it even has its own working railway system. This system is multi-tracked with many, many different stations. I cannot emphasize just how complex the railway system is, let alone the rest of the world in which it sits. The mind boggles — take a look at the network:

This, as well as many other integral builds within Shirecraft, is the result of the collaborative efforts of many a Minecraft player. Just like in the real world, working in shifts and within a hierarchy, this incredible project was able to come to magnificent fruition.

Not just anyone can join the community, mind; there is strict code of ethics to read through and players must thereafter apply to join. Players that are approved will then be allowed to live, work, and play in Shirecraft.

The code of ethics or terms and conditions I mentioned above are extensive (way too detailed for me to cover here), but I highly recommend you take a look at them here.

One such ruling states that (once accepted) you are free to build a small structure anywhere in Shirecraft as long as it is 100 blocks away from any other building. If you wish to build anything over a certain size or closer to an existing build you will need to apply for planning permission via the admin boards.

"The Shire Transit Authority will maintain all rail lines and highways connecting between cities. Please do not build any rail lines or highways without their consent or supervision. Specific standards have to be met and the STA is the only team qualified to do so. Contact STA Director Andy if you have questions or wish to set up an appointment with your local STA representative."

Even this incredible tour video struggles to give the scale of this project any real justice, but it does go a long way in showcasing just how amazing some of the architecture is. Enjoy!

Shirecraft is its very own, self-contained, fully functioning community. Another marvelous example of the limitless potential of Minecraft.

Will you apply for a new home in Shirecraft? Have you seen anything else news worthy in 'Minecraft'?


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