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This years E3 2016 was AMAZING in a lot of ways. With many new titles, DLC's, technology, and the amazement of the evolution of gaming. To think it all started with a simple game called "Pong". Keep in mind i won't talk about every single thing that happened at the E3 Conferences because It's A LOT, and will also be implementing my own opinions. Here are the E3 2016 Highlights of the SONY, Bethesda, and Ubisoft conferences.

-------------------- SONY E3 2016 Conference --------------------


First off lets start with the return of the great Hideo Kojima and his new partnership with SONY Entertainment. Together they put a smile on everyone's face with the announcement trailer of "Death Standing" staring none other than The Walking Dead's star (and former Silent Hills protagonist) Norman Reedus. Not much is know about the game, other than it having a naked Norman Reedus holding a baby in a place full of dead things. But HEY! It looks cool.

--God Of War--

We're getting a new God of War and it appears to be set in a new area of the world wich seems to have a more Norse Mythological feel. SONY presented us with a LIVE DEMO of the new game right off the bat. The game seams to follow the story of Kratos and a young boy that calls him father. Yes, Kratos is now (presumingly) a father with lots to learn. In the trailer, Kratos is taking the boy hunting in the wild when suddenly enemies appear. The boy may be small and probably has a strong condition of ADD but is no push over. Just like Kratos, he kicks ass and is (in the trailer) doing a sort of hunting trial that Kratos assigned him to.

--Days Gone--

Days Gone is a Post Apocalyptic open world game (that for some reason reminds me of Mad Max (the game) and The Walking Dead) that follows the story of a mercenary in a zombie infested world (or so I presume form the trailer). There's not much out there about this game so I'm afraid i can't say much without going into personal understanding instead of actual facts. I am curious to learn more about this new title and can't wait for more info on it. Just watch the trailers yourself and comment down below in the comment section what you think.

--Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare--

So... yet another futuristic CoD game. The game takes place in approximately 300 to 400 years in the future (estimated, not confirmed as far as i know). When i first saw the E3 Gameplay Trailer, i thought i was watching a Star Citizen Trailer by accident, but no... It's Call Of Duty. Fortunately the game will have more land battles than space battles (according to sources). Even though it is a CoD game set in the future, It's good to know that they are staying true to the CoD land battles and Operation missions. Many people will probably hate on this game, but can I assure you a big portion of them will still buy it anyways. Though i must admit that the space physics are the worst I've ever seen in a mainstream high-budget game. Besides, CoD is trying to make a comeback after the poor love Advanced Warfare received. I personally want to know more about it before jumping to conclusions on weather I personally will be interested or not.

-------------------- Bethesda E3 2016 Conference --------------------

--Fallout 4 DLC: Nuka World--

What better way to make an already great game than to give the players a new area full of gangs, old Amusement Park rides, new creatures, and other goodies? The Nuka World DLC will, other than bringing a new zone to explore and extra hours of game time, be giving the player the ability to (quote from Nuka World Steam description) "lead lethal gangs of raider and use them to conquer settlements, bending the common wealth to your will". Meaning that the player will be able to basically lead a gang and do what ever the heck he/she wishes. Inside this DLC's world, there will be different areas, each area with its own environment, creatures, people, feeling, etc.

--Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition--

SKYRIM REMASTERED! OMG! This is a big deal for Elder Scrolls fans like myself. To now that Skyrim is getting pretty much an update to not only make it look better, but to also fix big and miner things like weather, characters, magic spell visuals and sfx, creatures, items, NPC's, etc. Some of these thing are miner and will probably never be noticed, but the fact that they are taking time to remaster this legendary game and that they are paying attention to the little details is outstanding. And all those people who own Skyrim on Steam along with all the DLC's, will be able to get Skyrim Special Edition for free. Yes... FOR FREE! Only if you own it on Steam with all DLC's.

--ESO: One Tamrial--

So ESO has not gotten the love I believe it deserves since it came out. Yes at launch it had stuff we weren't exactly happy with, but i can assure you it has gotten WAY better since. And One Tamrial is proof of that. One Tamrial will also change the Area leveling system. Before, areas had a level, but now all of Tamrial will level with you. Meaning that even as you start the game, you can go exploring without the need to be scared of high level enemies. Same go's for dungeons and quests. Also, before, the only ways to go to areas that belong to another alliance or to even be able to play with your friends from another alliance you had to finish your alliance's story line. but now One Tamrial will unite all of Tamrial and allow you to go where ever you want to go, whenever you wish. Which allows for a more explorer-friendly open world, just how an Elder Scrolls game should be. Also to celebrate the huge amount of accomplishments with ESO, Bethesda created a video called "Looking back at ESO". I don't know about you guys, but ESO has finally become worthy of the Elder Scrolls name.


This game has turned into oldschool shooter player heaven in the past few months. With a great campaign and multiplayer it has created and destroyed many friendships. So, how can they make this game better? Well that is simple. New content is coming to DOOM, Including: DOOM Snapmap which lets you create your own maps to play on, new guns, new multiplayer maps, and a new demon to play as.

--Dishonored 2--

This game has been long awaited since fans played the heck ot of the first game and asked for more (a fairly long time). Now, following the events of the first game, Dishonored 2 follows two protagonists, Emily Attano and her Bodyguard / Father Corvo Attano on their quest to retake the thrown of Dunwall after being overthrown and Dishonored (you pick which character to use and the story changes a pawn that decision). Even though the story will start and end in Dunwall, the games events will mostly take place in the island city of Karnaca. The games release date is 11.11.16 as was confirmed at E3.

-------------------- Ubisoft E3 2016 Conference --------------------

--Watchdogs 2--

Ubisoft knows that Watchdogs did not get the amount of love it should have gotten. Which is why they are bringing it back with a bang. Watchdogs 2 brings us a lot of new tools, ways to play, better multyplayer experience, and hopefully a more hooking story. Set within a fictionalized version of San Francisco, the game is played from a third-person perspective and its world is navigated on-foot or by vehicle (just like GTA). Players control Marcus Holloway, a hacker who works with the hacking group DedSec to take down the city's CTOS 2.0 (an advanced surveillance system). Unlike Aden from the first Wtchdogs game, Marcus has new cool "toys" (such as a drone, jumper RC car, etc.), can hack a lot more things in the open world (like cars and remote control them with his phone), and is a master of Parkcore. So expect a more Assassins Creed-ish feel when stealthing or free roaming the world via the roof-tops. The games multyplayer aspect has also been remade. Now, instead of trying to basically sabotage another players game (since both players are members of DedSec) you can pair up and play together on either players game. So you can play the entire game with a friend if you wish or just quick join a random players game (if they have their game open to the public kinda like Minecraft).

--For Honor--

So we FINALLY got some info on the Viking faction and some single player campaign action AT THE SAME TIME! So it seems that the For Honor single player campaign will be objective (or mission) based, as in a classic "do this, do that, now this, now that, and finally kill the boss to win it all" type of deal. Though I may be wrong because we only got to see one mission. We'll just have to sadly wait even more and see. We also got some info on Character Customization. You will be able to chose from a few weapons (each class uses different ones) and will each be highly customizable (same thing applies for the armor). We also got a new Cinematic Trailer which seems to show us that the wars in For Honor are the result of a 4th faction, which is like the "Evil Bad Guy faction".


So it seems yet another game gender has been created. STEEP is the first ever Sports Massive World MMO (also single player) game and is set in a winter environment where you can snowboard, ski, para-glide, etc. But. . . there's just no way of explaining it other than saying it look absolutely AWESOME and that i want it ASAP! Just watch the following video and if you want, comment down below in the comment section.


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