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Who doesn't love our quirky Nintendo heroes? From the dead-serious Samus Aran to the less-than-serious Captain Falcon, Nintendo's leading personalities have us all totally hooked.

You know what else everyone loves? Superheroes. With the huge success of Captain America: Civil War, there's hardly a single person who isn't invested in the stories of The Avengers within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, what would happen if you put those two things together? Hilarity. Hilarity would happen. Here are some of the most admired Nintendo characters cast as The Avengers:

Samus Aran as Iron Man

This list is just getting started and we've already managed to gender-bend! Samus makes so much sense as Iron Man. Just look at her — metal plated armor, arm blaster, jet pack — the whole shebang checks out!

Captain Falcon as Captain America

Though Captain Falcon doesn't have a shield, he can still pack a PAWNCH! Also, both characters have the captain titles, skin-tight suits, and swanky helmets. Can someone please make a Captain Falcon: Civil War movie poster?

Donkey Kong as Hulk

I feel like this one's a no-brainer. The big buff is obviously gonna be the Hulk of the group! Donkey Kong is always a light-hearted character, but we've seen him get angry before. Poor Koopa Troopa...

Link as Hawkeye

I was having a hard time to choose between Link and Pit for Hawkeye. I feel like I made the right choice, though — Hawkeye and Link both have exploding arrows, after all, which is something Pit doesn't have. My choice will also make more sense later down the list...

Pit as Falcon

Falcon is, hands down, my favorite Marvel superhero. Pit is, hands down, one of my least favorite Nintendo characters — but this is beside the point. The main reason to put Pit as Falcon is because they both have wings. (Though, Metaknight's a solid runner-up!)

Pikachu as Thor

C'mon guys, who wouldn't want to see Pikachu wield the Mjölnir? I totally think he's worthy — especially if Steve Rogers is. Think about all of the thunder power he'd have after slamming that thing into the ground!

Mewtwo as Vision

I think this is the one that makes the most sense of everyone cast in this article. I mean, come on — both Mewtwo and Vision were "cloned" from other beings (Mew and Jarvis, respectively). It's perfect!

Sheik as Black Widow

Now does it all make sense? Black Widow is to Hawkeye as Sheik/Zelda is to Link! I know, I know, Clint and Natasha aren't "together" (though we secretly wish they were), but no one ever explicitly said that Link and Zelda were, either!

Besides that, Sheik is pretty agile and knows a lot of mixed martial arts like Black Widow, so it's a pretty solid casting.

Diddy Kong as War Machine

Okay, this one is a little weird, but hear me out! Diddy Kong not only has his jet pack, he also has is Peanut Popgun barrage Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. That's kinda like War Machine, right?


Ness as Scarlet Witch

Another gender-bend! Ness has some pretty wacky psychic powers, and I totally think he has the power to create some mass destruction. (Civil War Spoilers) If any of you have seen Captain America: Civil War, Scarlet Witch is the starting reason that the world began to distrust the Avengers — her powers were just too destructive.

Waluigi as Loki


So that's that! I know my casting skills aren't perfect, and I didn't get to cast every single Avenger, so I'd love to hear how you guys would cast Nintendo characters as The Avengers. Leave a comment down below!


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