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You know what's really in right now? Dragons! The mythological creatures are largely popular nowadays thanks to the many fantasy movies and shows they've appeared in. Perhaps the most prominent of these is Game of Thrones, which features three incredibly powerful dragons, all cared for by the fan-favorite Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen.

One of the three fully grown dragons in GoT
One of the three fully grown dragons in GoT

With dragons being the most popular mythical creatures on the market, it would make sense for other properties to include dragons as part of their film, TV show, game, etc.

Of course, you would naturally assume that these properties would share one key factor with Game of Thrones: the fantasy genre. Video games like Scalebound and Final Fantasy having dragons makes sense,— you'd expect to see the scaly creatures running around those fantasy worlds.

But do you know what doesn't make any sense? Dragons in a Call of Duty game. But you know what's happening anyway?

Dragons in a 'Call Of Duty' game!

That's right, dragons are officially a part of the Call of Duty mythology. Well, the Zombies part anyway. Call of Duty Black Ops III is getting its third DLC pack in the form of Descent, an outrageous map pack full of pretty intriguing maps.

There's Empire, which is a re-imagining of the Black Ops 2 map Raid; Cryogen, an isolated prison; Berserk, a viking village; and Rumble, a stadium where gain mechanized warriors duke it out while you face off against the enemy team.

Perhaps the most interesting (and absolutely insane) Descent map comes in the form of the Zombie-mode map Gorod Krovi. This map takes place in an alternate history version of the 1940s Soviet Union, which apparently has a bit of a dragon problem.

Jeez, the weather in Stalingrad is crazy...
Jeez, the weather in Stalingrad is crazy...

The addition of a dragon in Black Ops III is absolutely crazy, even for a game mode that involves Nazi Zombies and bizarre locations like ancient civilizations, the Pentagon, and the moon!

Though, technically, this isn't our first time seeing dragons in a Call of Duty game. The Black Ops III Zombie map, Der Eisendrache, contains an Easter Egg involving stone dragon heads that come to life.

Of course, those were just magical statues. This time around, Black Ops III has actual, mobile, fire-breathing dragons! Here's hoping you can persuade the dragon to join your side, as if you were the Mother (or Father) of Dragons!

But as crazy as it may sound, dragons in Call of Duty aren't the weirdest thing about this new DLC. No no, it gets much weirder!


The newest Black Ops III DLC doesn't just have fantasy elements, it also features some sci-fi in it, as evident by the presence of deadly, floating robots.

These tri-armed enemies look like they're pretty tough to kill, given their electrifying touch and quick-dodging abilities. Am I the only one seriously hoping they talk and that they all have the voice of either Clatrap or GLaDOS?

Mechanized zombies

If regular robots weren't enough to make you go, "WHAAAT?" how about robot zombies? Ok, so technically they're just zombies with mechanized suits, but it still counts!

These guys look much stronger than your average zombie and come fit with a mech suit that lets them shoot laser beams at you. I don't know who is supplying zombies with this kind of tech, but I'm seriously hoping this person doesn't pick sides, and is willing to let players get their hands on some powerful gear!

A magical dragon shield?

Shields aren't new to the CoD franchise in the slightest, but the shield in Descent has a few distinct features to differentiate itself from other shields. For one thing, there's its design, clearly modeled after a dragon.

Then there's the strange green energy the shield emits when you use it, which, as the trailer shows, either knocks zombies back or evaporates them completely! Picking up this shield will probably have you feeling like a bona fide Dovahkiin!

I think it's safe to say that with this new DLC, Call of Duty has officially jumped the shark. Descent isn't the first weird thing to come to Black Ops III, but it is the most insane! The CoD franchise has been making some seriously outrageous decisions as of late, trying to separate itself from the competition in a similar way to games like Saints Row (remember when that was just a GTA clone?).

This new DLC is probably the most ridiculous thing CoD has ever done, but, from the looks of it, it'll still be a pretty fun Zombie map. So, make sure to grab some friends and pick up the Black Ops III Descent DLC when it arrives on PlayStation 4 on July 12th and Xbox One and PC in August!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of the new 'Call Of Duty' DLC?


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