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The Witcher 3 has amassed millions of fans since release. The game can be considered as nothing short of a resounding success for developer team CD Projekt RED. The world they created is literally overflowing with beautiful flora and fauna – players from all over the word have spent endless hours exploring the magical maze of the Northern Kingdoms.

This year, brought with it even more Witcher 3 delight as the team introduced us to the highly anticipated Blood and Wine DLC. The expansion brought yet more unexplored terrain to uncover and with it a whole host of new secrets. But this newly found Easter Egg, is something else.

Many people are speculating that this Easter Egg was not meant for us to see. The Easter in Question is a full portrait painting of the entire CD Projekt RED team. Sounds normal enough as far as Easter Eggs go right? Wrong. This painting was found by absolute chance as it is located outside of the game’s normal playing area.

This out of bounds area can be found upon one of the highest peaks in the furthest mountain regions of Toussaint in Blood and Wine. This Secret can only be seen if you use mods to access the debug game mode and if you then access the game's free roam camera. If, you manage to line up all these ducks only then, will you be able to see this brilliant hat tip to this very talented dev team.

Why put an Easter Egg out of bounds where no one will find it? Some say that this was not intended for us gamers to see but was put there as some sort of in-house joke. Lucky they didn’t draw anything rude – didn’t they know that nothing stays hidden in gaming forever!

This brilliant nugget of gaming gold is not integral or even linked to the narrative but it is a great thing to find. CD Projekt RED has done a stellar job with The Witcher and this picture is the very least they deserve. Well done team RED!

Have you found anything spectacular in The Wither 3?


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