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Jade Tyler

Didn’t manage to get hold of the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4? Also don’t fancy spending extortionate amounts of caps on the Pip-Boy Deluxe? Then look no further.

If you were posed the question “would you like a wearable sized Pip-Boy on your wrist?” there only really is one answer (it’s hell yeah, by the way).

So for all you lucky smartwatch users, now you can! For iPhone and Apple Watch users, simply saving one of the below images to your phone, and favouriting it, will allow you to select the image from your Apple Watch and set it as your lock screen.

Not only does this make your device look beyond rad – it’s actually fairly stylish and functional! A definite must have for any post-apocalyptic survivor. For those interested too, the image source can be found here (they have some awesome designs, worth a flick through).

Go on, be the envy of all your fellow vault dwellers – and check the time, from a Pip-Boy.

What would be your gaming wallpaper?


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