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Aside from being one of the world’s most popular open world adventure games, Grand Theft Auto V is also one of the most mystifying. Those that play GTA casually may not realise that GTA V is riddled with hidden clues and obscure messages. If you thought that the game’s narrative was long then you are in for a big surprise.

One such mystery that has plagued theorists for years is that of the fabled Bigfoot. We know Bigfoot is alive in the universe of GTA, we just couldn’t hunt him down. Over the years players have scoured the landscapes of GTA V from top to bottom in an effort to hunt down this legendary beast, but to no real avail.

By accessing the game's written code, the theorist could spool through the inner workings of the game in an effort to find more detailed clues. This is where we find our first breadcrumb.

Hidden within the code was a reference to a “Golden Peyote plant.” This reference provided coordinates which lead the hackers to a specific location where, in the correct conditions, the Golden Peyote can be found. It was then discovered that if you eat the Peyote you will transform into Bigfoot. This was the breakthrough we were waiting for!

“He was wrong to start his hunt on a Tuesday”

However, not all the coordinates lead to Golden Peyotes, which fuelled the flames behind the theory that this mystery went far deeper? The hackers then found a line of code that read “He was wrong to start his hunt on a Tuesday.”

Upon looking at the previously collated data, they realised that the clues they had so far didn’t just lead to one Peyote plant, but to seven (one for every day of the week). These coordinates that were previously thought to lead nowhere were actually correct; it was just that they were there on the wrong day. They had the where, it was the when that was missing.

Theorists then had to find each Peyote at the correct times (between 5:30 & 8:30 AM) on the correct day. They also had to ensure that the weather conditions were the same as the first – it had to be snowy/misty.

It is worth noting that: To achieve the consistency in weather required to find the illusive flora, a cheat was introduced to guarantee the appropriate weather conditions.

Rockstar drop another breadcrumb

Once players had found all the Peyote they were left somewhat guessing as to what came next. But they were not left guessing for long before Rockstar waded in with another clue. At this point it became very clear that Rockstar were watching the theorists' subreddits very carefully for in the place of “He was wrong to start his hunt on a Tuesday.”, now read, “His quarry seemed familiar.” Rockstar had dropped another clue in time with the latest discovery. But what did this new clue actually mean?

The initial translation had players all over the world of GTA V looking for a hidden quarry until Redditors figured out that in actual fact the word ‘quarry’ was meant in terms of ‘prey’ (its alternate meaning). The hunt was on (again, kinda)!

As players were now able to transform into Bigfoot using the Peyote this enabled them to roar. Using this newly found roar mechanic, players were able to send out a colossal roar, which now triggered a counter roar from another unknown beast. Then, players would have to chase down this brute by means of passing through invisible checkpoints. The trail was long, I mean hours long. The hunt lead players through areas of the world that were left in shambles as the beast had clearly torn through not minutes before.

The first player to stick out the hunt and make it to the end was a fellow named, LeBlond. LeBlond tracked the beast down to a small airport where he was finally able to take it on.

But what did this new beast look like? Well, it is a brilliant homage to Michael. J. Foxx’s character in Teen Wolf.

That’s right! Check it out...

Once you have defeated the beast (which is really hard to do apparently) you will be granted access to Foxx’s Teen Wolf as a playable character in the ‘Director's Mode.’

This Bigfoot debacle has been running rings around theorists for years and only now are we seeing the bountiful fruits of our labour (I say our labour, I mean the dedicated players that put literally hundreds of hours into this) and how worthwhile it all was! Well done!

Here's how it all played out: Teen Wolf V.s Bigfoot

It is also brilliant to see a developer team that still remains so close to the community, Rockstar are a truly delightful game maker and I can’t wait to see what else they have hidden away.

Have you found anything crazy in GTA V?

Source: Reddit


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