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Game of Thrones has been the TV revelation of the decade it would seem. From gamers to rockers and all the accountants in between it seems that anyone and everyone is watching this rollercoaster series. With the grand finale of the latest season bearing down upon us, the world has plunged into Game of Thrones pandemonium and that even includes team Xbox.

To celebrate this magical occasion, Microsoft has commissioned a limited number (three to be precise) of Game of Thrones Xbox One units. Similar to the Stark Industries Xbox One we covered earlier in the year, these splendiferous consoles will only be available via the Xbox France channels.

These epic looking consoles pop, sparkle and buzz electricity (not literally of course – it’s a phrase), they certainly look the part and would be a welcome addition to any Game of Thrones enthusiast. The casing of this unit is embossed in detailed Game of Thrones etching and features many an iconic feature if you know what you are looking for.

As with the previous special edition Xbox One, you will have to enter the competition held over at Xbox France. Check out the console's awesome detail in this video.

Do you want a Game of Thrones Xbox One?

Source: Eurogamer


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