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Bigfoot has a long history in Rockstar games, including both the Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto series. Several times, players have been challenged to hunt down or locate the mysterious beast, but in Grand Theft Auto V, things got decidedly weirder.

Being Grand Theft Auto, players have access to things like alcohol and marijuana in-game. But some of the more invested players found a third drug: peyote. Peyote is a type of cactus that has hallucinogenic properties upon ingestion. So, naturally, when a player ingests one of the twenty-seven plants hidden around San Andreas, they turn into an animal.

It can be anything. A bird, a dog, a fish, a chicken; there's a whole host of playable creatures. But not every player is satisfied with transforming into your everyday, average tiger shark. They started perusing the game files, seeing if they could find any that weren't quite as easy. And they did.

In the code, near the locations for the various peyote plants, a line of non-functional code read, "He was wrong to start his hunt on Tuesday." As it turned out, if a player went to a specific area on the map, on a Tuesday between 5:30 and 8:00 AM, when the weather was snowy or foggy, they could find a special, golden Peyote plant that turns them into the lord of all beasts: the Sasquatch.

This is a highly evolved Sasquatch, of course, and it can complete all the activities the average Los Santos citizen would, like robbing rundown convenience stores out in the desert or stealing jet planes from a military base. One might think the mystery ends here, but far be it from Rockstar Games to keep it so simple.

Players soon discovered that there were not one, but seven different golden Peyote plants that could be found and consumed during the same conditions throughout the rest of the week, one for each day. Through the use of console commands to produce the desired conditions and some intrepid sleuthing through the game's code by a team known as the Codewalkers, they hunted down and consumed each of the seven plants.

Locations of the Golden Peyote
Locations of the Golden Peyote

But nothing happened. Sure, they got to play as Sasquatch, but was that it? Was the hunt simply over? Mystery hunters weren't sure, but Rockstar delivered again.

With the release of a brand new update earlier this month, however, the team dove back in to the code. Their first clue? The old line of code that prompted them to start their hunt on Tuesday now read, "His quarry seemed familiar." Players quickly determined that this did not reference the rock quarry in the desert, but a subject pursued by a hunter.

Soon, they discovered what exactly they were hunting. When players ate all seven golden Peyote in order and transformed into the legendary cryptid, they could let loose a roar that finally got a response.

From Michael J. Fox.

Well, not technically, but a werewolf-like creature resembling his character from Teen Wolf, which also appears in the Grand Theft Auto Online minigame called Hunt the Beast. Much like this game mode, players must chase him across the map, using bodies he left behind as clues to his route. Many players lost his trail, but finally, a player named Louis LeBlond finally took the werewolf down with Sasquatch's greatest asset: a minivan.

Soon after, other players discovered that this unlocked the Beast in the game's Director Mode, which allows players to use other characters for filming purposes. Some people have speculated that the mystery may continue with the next update. For now, it sticks out as a crowning and rare achievement for mystery hunters, and a vindication for those who have long said there is more to GTA V than meets the eye. Maybe the Chiliad Mystery will yet be solved.


Do you believe there are more major mysteries still to be solved in Grand Theft Auto V?

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