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Season 6 in League of Legends has been a wild ride with new dragons, a midseason mage revamp, and continued dominance of Kindred as one of the top Junglers. And it's not over yet. If you're looking to dive into the jungle but don't want to start with the wrong champ this season, check out one these picks below. They've been tearing it up this year, each in their own way.

Below, we start with the top dog - er, Wolf. And Lamb.

1. Kindred

This high-skill cap marksman Jungler keeps getting nerfs, but continually dominates as one of the best junglers with the best ganks. By focusing on killing the monsters that let them collect the Mark of the Kindred damage buff, Lamb and Wolf turn into a killing machine by the late game. Add to that their slow + damage ability and an ultimate that keeps them alive when attacked and you have a formidable counter Jungler stalking the wilds.

2. Hecarim

Lots of movement speed, knock up, damage boosts, and self-sustain make Hecarim a rampaging beast at all phases of the game. His clear rate in the jungle is very good as well making him a popular choice with a higher than average win rate.

3. Kha'zix

Another popular choice with a high win rate, the Voidreaver is a highly mobile assassin that should be played for damage, not tankiness. With that in mind, look for out of position squishies, but don't think you'll be tower diving fleeing enemies.

4. Amumu

Tried and true Amumu still works the jungle like a champ and has appeal to those learning the role with his tankiness and ultimate that can initiate fights. Throw in his crowd control skill and you have a solid kit that makes him a favorite. Just don't use his AOE to clear minion waves, save those for your teammates who depend on them for gold and experience.

5. Volibear

Volibear has seen some good days and bad as itemization has been improving his game, but a recent nerf to his kit has made it a bit tougher for him. Overall though his ability set is built for ganking with his speed boost plus over-the-head flip move on his opponent as a great opener that can be followed by a AOE slow and then his bite that does more damage the less health his opponent has left.

6. Sejuani

Sejuani can charge into a enemy formation with a knock up, then lay out all kinds of AOE damage including an area stun. Ouch. She can also protect her team in a fight with her slows and tank the incoming damage with the right items. Just take it slow early on as she need some time to build up strength before she can start powering through enemies on her war pig...beast..thing.

7. Gragas

Gragas excels at speed clearing monsters with his excellent sustain (ability to maintain his mana and health). That gives him plenty of time to disrupt his enemies' forward march with his Body Slam and Explosive Cask ultimate. And with plenty of poke and crowd control he can harass enemy lanes in between jungle clears if no gank opportunity presents itself.

8. Olaf

Olaf has amazing jungle clear rates and very good sustain with his self heal and life steal. He's also a great ganker with his axe throw and Reckless Swing. Just be careful when you use his ultimate to get immunity to disables as it costs you armor and magic resistance leaving you vulnerable if your taking too much damage from those around you.

9. Warwick

Warwick, like Amumu, has been a long time favorite in the jungle for those learning the ropes. Just remember to farm monsters with him at least through level 6. He isn't good at ganking enemies until he gets his ultimate, Infinite Duress. Then it's time to put the fear of the manbeast into all of them.

10. Rek'sai

The Void Queen has very fast clears and a lot of sustain, but her tunneling ability is what really sets her apart. Being able to get from the bottom of the map to the top when her teammates are getting ganked or from the top to the bottom when she knows the enemy's jungle is open to be invaded can be invaluable. Remember to have a tunnel near the dragons for quick kills when they pop.

11. Udyr

This jack of all trades is one of the best farming Junglers in the game with his sustain. Slow and steady he'll clear the monsters and when he snowballs in the late game he'll be ready to gank with stuns to lock down helpless opponents. Add to that speed boost, shielding, burst damage, and life steal for extra all around bad assery.

12. Elise

Elise got a bad rap after heavy nerfs from her dominant Season 3 performance but she is still quite strong as a jungler. She has high sustain and can duel other Junglers pre-level 6 which can put great pressure on them especially when they aren't built to engage until they get their ultimate (i.e. Warwick) at level 6. She has a very strong early game and can help take down turrets later with her ranged attack.

13. Lee Sin

I'm adding Lee Sin to this list because he is by far the most popular jungler played in Season 6. But it should be noted that his win rate is rather low. Many of his abilities are skill shots and while his ganks are legendary in the midgame, he tends to take a backseat in the late game when other teammates snowball. Unfortunately, in solo queue, it's often the Jungler who must snowball to carry the game and that's not Lee Sin's greatest strength, so play at your own risk

Now that you know which Champions are dominating the jungle in Season 6, it's time to learn how to sharpen your skills. Check out our guide to Jungle Tips & Tricks in League of Legends S6 to Die Less and Gank More.


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