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Don’t you just love leaving one fantasy world and diving straight into another? I certainly do, which explains why I got to thinking about Pokémon and where they might emigrate to if they had the choice.

As a born and bred British writer — and with a name like Tim Horton — I thought that I would be in a perfect position to take a morning out to ponder the ridiculous: Which Pokémon is the most Canadian?

This shouldn’t be too hard for me to deduce. After all, we share the same Queen, we are both super polite, and we are probably the most passive-aggressive nations on the planet. Not, of course, forgetting our shared love for the letter "U" which seems to go missing in most other English speaking nations (America, I am looking at you).

What makes a Canadian Pokémon?

When I think of a Canadian Pokémon, I think of the unassuming; the reserved creatures that don’t make a song and dance about everything they do. I also think cold, rugged, and potentially just that little bit fuzzier.

Darren Calvert, a talented artist from Alberta thinks of it more in the literal sense, with Pokémon such as Aboot, Moople, and Newfie (pictured below) proudly representing their home nation.

And those aren't the only Canadian critters hiding in Calvert's tall grass — he drew a bunch of others to prepare for the highly anticipated launch of the iOS game Pokémon GO, coming next month.

Check them out...

But what about the Pokémon that already exist? Which have most in common with America's Northern cousins?


He’s strong, fluffy, and rugged as chuff. Living in the extreme cold in the north, this bear sports one of the best beards in the Pokémon universe — and what’s more Canadian than a beard (excluding the chequered shirt)?


What about Bidoof? A Bidoof is known for its reserved nature and cute little face. They are a beaver-type creature, which basically means that they are the world’s natural lumberjack — and what’s more Canadian than a lumberjack?


There is always Vanillish, another ice-based Pokémon that lives in the mountains. This fella is made all the sweeter as his name is comprised of "vanilla" and "delish," a very Canuck-appropriate creature, if you ask me.


Thinking traditional again, I guess you cannot go too far wrong with Sawsbuck — Sawsbuck is probably the closest you will get to a moose, and he has a unique ability which allows him to change with the seasons. Canada has some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, and, in a country so vast, it is possible to encounter multiple seasons in a single day. This makes Sawsbuck another perfect Canadian Pokémon.


Munchlax shares the Canadian love for hearty meals. This Pokémon eats more than any other Pokémon (besides its evolutionary counterpart) and is particularly fond of sweet dishes. As one of Canada’s most iconic exports is Maple syrup — which can be found growing naturally all over the country — Munchlax would love to live in Canada.


Image credit: MapleRose
Image credit: MapleRose

Delibird is the obvious choice, mind — he actually looks like he is wearing the Canadian flag. Red and white all over, Munchlax is also believed to help Santa Claus at Christmas time. This is relevant because, if Canada claims sovereignty of the Arctic (which, I believe has been in debate for years), then that would make Santa Claus Canadian, and, therefore, make Delibird the perfect Pokémon for Canada.

That’s my (amateur) approach to the subject. Which Pokémon do you think is the most Canadian? Thank's for having me, buddy.

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[Source: Deviantart]


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