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Our latest episode of Game In 60 Seconds is up, and this time, Nic takes his turn playing the infamous, rewarding, and rage-inducing 'Dark Souls III.'

If you aren’t aware of our weird "actor-voices-famous-actor-and-reviews-a-video-game" series that is GAME IN 60 SECONDS, then let us fill you in!

Game In 60 Seconds was born out of a one-off “pilot” to rip into our disappointment with Destiny... The game that promised so much but came with so little :(

Game In 60 Seconds: Destiny proved a hit. The script was written with three key subjects to explore which we then applied to each future episode:

#1 The Game Basics

Who are the characters, where are we, what do we need to do?

#2 Things We Like/Hate

These guns were cool, I hate how the character always falls down that hole, that level was weird.

#3 Nicolas Cage

Google “Nicolas Cage facts” and write down the most relevant ones to the game. Sometimes this is easier than usual…

Ahhh, the sweet breeze of weird Nic facts
Ahhh, the sweet breeze of weird Nic facts

Since the series launched, we have reviewed the latest games each month for nearly a year. Nic has explored 10 games so far, from epic quests such as The Witcher III to the slightly more silly Super Mario Maker and even to the most disappointing games of the year (we are looking at you The Division…)

So, Dark Souls, we loved you, but you were so damn hard! Hopefully this is represented in our review via Nic Cage’s multiple death scenes…

Wow! These graphics are ama-egh
Wow! These graphics are ama-egh

Things We Loved

  • Those graphics
  • Epic story and quest
  • So many monsters

Things We Hated

  • Framerate was laggy
  • We died, waaaayyy too much
  • Other users trolling us :(

Nicolas Cage

  • Marilyn Manson is slowly morphing into Nicolas Cage, so they are obviously gamer friends.

Our next episode will be reviewing Overwatch and should be ready in the next few weeks — so go ahead and subscribe to our channel if you want to be in the know!


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