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Hello everyone!

We are a small group of people called Team Galanx who are currently passionately working on our first indie game project, called Konstandin.

Konstandin is a story driven game, made in the RpgMaker VX Ace engine. It falls under multiple genres such as horror, mystery, puzzle etc.
The idea for this project came as a result of our desire to show the world something inspired from our rich Albanian folklore, combined with a modern setting. And for us there is no better way, than turning our story into a playable engaging rpg!

The story:
A year has passed since the 26 year old Rinor Avdiu and his wife Aulona moved to a village called Buroja. The couple enjoys a relatively happy marital life, though the village seems to hold an old eerie legend in which Rinor is unconsciously partaking. The legend of a cursed knight, called Konstandin. The story revolves around Rinor who tries to find the meaning behind it, while he faces horrific mental and physical challenges.

Konstandin’s main cast consists of 7 people, each of them having a different and memorable personality. These are our playable characters:

Rinor Avdiu – A 26 year old, married man that earns his living through art commissions and design. He is a very carefree and forgetful person that loves spending his time by playing online games. Though he doesn’t look like it, he is physically strong and capable.

Aulona Avdiu – A 25 year old historian, married to Rinor. Most of the time she is occupied with doing history research and cleaning up her husband’s mess. She is usually reasonable, but suffers from mood swings every now and then. Pretends to be brave, but is easily scared.

Tringa Fazliu – A 14 year old student that lives in the “Linda” orphanage. She watches especially over Mona, whom she sees as a little sister.
Tringa is a smart and opportunistic girl. Her heart is in the right place, which you can’t say about her vocabulary.

Mona Limani – A 7 year old student that lives in the “Linda” orphanage. Although still young, Mona has high analytical skills. She is a shy and docile girl with interest in artistic expression. Mona has tendencies of being a people pleaser and tries to help wherever she can.


  • A story worth unraveling
  • Full voice acting
  • 4 playable characters
  • Custom made sprites and pixel animations
  • Original soundtracks and songs
  • Unique blessing system
  • Multiple endings
  • 6+ hours of gameplay
  • 100+ Parallax maps that make up a total of 5 areas
  • Choices you’ll most likely regret making
  • Numerous different ways to die
  • Gross, detailed descriptions
  • Puzzles, riddles and fancy poems
  • Push & Pull stuff, destroyable stuff and chase scenes
  • Awkward first meetings
  • Beautiful art and animated cutscenes
  • Lame jokes
  • A lot of dead people

One of the reasons why games become memorable is because they have amazing soundtracks. We want Konstandin to be the same, so one of our main features is the original music, skillfully composed to compliment the environment you play in.

Here are a few examples of our soundtracks:

Risks and challenges:
Despite all the preparations we made in order to finish Konstandin, there might be a lot of unforeseen circumstances which can stop production, from the sudden death of our developers, to equipment malfunction.
We have a clear goal in mind that we are trying to reach, but as you all know, we are human and obstacles can arise out of nowhere. Nevertheless, we will give it our all to overcome them and deliver to you only the best possible product!

If you would like to know more, then please follow us on our tumblr or twitter!


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